Vibrant Communities. More Local Jobs. Prosperity for All. 

Our vision is an Arizona economy that is sustainable, resilient and celebratory of diverse cultures. Studies and research have shown that the best and most direct way to achieve this vision is to support local businesses. Dollars spent with Arizona's local businesses stay in the local economy and community longer than dollars spent with non-local businesses. 

Based on  Indie Impact Study Series  from Civic Economics. 

Based on Indie Impact Study Series from Civic Economics. 

These extra dollars circulating in the community are an investment in local job creation and preserving diverse and prosperous communities. For more information on the economic impact of buying locally, check out our Economic Studies page. 

Do you ever think about where your money goes once you’ve spent it? When you buy locally, your money circles back right into your community.

The Buy Local movement is more than just a simple call to action. It is a plan for widespread economic development across Arizona. 

Based on a recent study, if a community the size of Tucson shifted 10% of its spending from non-local to local businesses, the shift would have an impact of: 

1,600 New Jobs
$53 Million in New Wages
$130 million+ in Total Economic Impact

By sourcing more products and services locally, we are voting with our dollars every day to live in a state that values self-reliant local communities that offer opportunity and prosperity for all.