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Running your own business can be overwhelming…to put it mildly. Take a breath, we're here for you!

We are a team of insanely passionate individuals who understand that small businesses are the heart and soul of our state. Businesses like yours are the landmarks that define our cities, create a sense of culture, and provide unique experiences that make locals proud to call Arizona home. From our resources for small business owners, to our broad network of like-minded entrepreneurs, you’ll find the support you need at Local First Arizona.


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Change Starts Locally.

To strengthen Arizona’s local economy, first we need to build a community that feels accountable for it.

It begins with home town pride. We are passionate and commited to introducing locals and folks that are new to our state to the amazing culture of Arizona. A culture that is best represented by local businesses and the unique experiences that they create. We are on a mission to build that home town pride that helps people step up and invest in Arizona’s economy.


We're in this together.

Your company has been investing in Arizona’s economy for decades.

Unless the market fully understands the impact of your organization, they’ll have a hard time distinguishing between the true value of your local brand and that of an out-of-state competitor. 

For over 15 years, leading businesses have trusted LFA to help carry their message, celebrate their heritage and build stronger and authentic connections with local businesses and organizations.


Take your localness to the next level.

Join a community of trendsetters and like-minded individuals that are committed to the future of Arizona.

We have signature localist events where you can connect with fellow localists while participating in one-of-a-kind experiences.