LFA Helps Generate $24,000 in Revenue to Local Bisbee Businesses

Imagine that instead of spending all your money for gifts online or at big box stores, you invested it back into your community and local economy. This is what happens every time you shop locally at independently owned businesses. When you spend money locally, you keep more than 4 times the amount of money in your community than if you shopped with a big box store!


This year to encourage people to shop local for the holidays instead of going online or to a big box store, Local First Arizona partnered with the Cochise County Tourism Council and Western Bank to bring the Holiday Shopping Passport to Bisbee, AZ. The passport consisted of 24 local businesses that you could purchase from for the holidays. Once you made a purchase from one of the businesses you received a sticker with the amount of your purchase. When you spent $150 or money in 5 stores you were entered to win one of our 9 prizes.

We are proud to announce that this campaign in Bisbee had 138 passports collected and generated $23,787.07 in revenue to local businesses! This means that almost $24,000 went back into the local community of Bisbee instead of to a corporation out of the state, Amazon, or something similar. This type of investment in the community is possible every day! All you need to do is look at your spending habits and see if you are supporting businesses you believe in and voting for the type of world you want with your wallet.

What did they win?

To encourage people to complete their passports, we offered gift card packages from all the participating businesses. Here are the businesses that participated and what they won:

55 Main Gallery

$25 Gift Certificate for Pan Terra Gallery and

$25 Gift Certificate for 55 Main Gallery


$40 Gift Certificate for Va Voom!

Bisbee Hot and Spicy

$25 Gift Certificate for Sam Poe Gallery,

$25 Gift Certificate for Bisbee Hot and Spicy,

$25 Gift Certificate for Finder's Keepers

Bisbee Massage Savvy

$25 Gift Certificate for Bisbee Coffee Company,

$25 Gift Certificate for Black Sheep Imports,

30 Minute Massage for Bisbee Massage Savvy

Bisbee Soap and Sundry

$25 Gift Certificate for Gimme Shelter,

$25 Gift Certificate for Bisbee Soap and Sundry,

Queen Mine Tour Tickets

Classic Rock Couture

$25 Gift Certificate for Meridian's Books,

$25 Gift Certificate for Bisbee Olive Oil,

$25 Gift Certificate for Classic Rock Couture,

$25 Gift Certificate for Sense of Place Gallery,

30 minute massage at Warm Hand Therapeutics,

Old Bisbee Roasters Coffee Pack of 4


$25 Gift Certificate for Redbone,

$25 Gift Certificate for Bisbee Good Cakes,

$25 Gift Certificate for Bisbee Tour Company,

Bisbee T-Shirt from BTC,

$25 Gift Certificate for Tumbleweed Gypsy

Grand Prize:

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 2.43.26 PM.png

Douglas: stay for 2 in the Jacuzzi Suite at the Gadsden Hotel

Sierra Vista: Round of Golf and Lunch for 2 at Pueblo Del Sol 

Benson: Lunch for 2 at Wild Dogs and 2 tickets to Kartchner Caverns 

Wilcox: Wine Tasting for 2 at Aridus and lunch for 2 at La Unica

Bisbee: 2 Queen Mine Tour tickets, 2 tickets to the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, and lunch for 2 at Thuys


Thank you so much to all the businesses and shoppers that participated! We couldn’t have generated nearly $24,000 to local businesses without you!