Arizona Good Business Summit

January 30, 2019
Schedule and Program Agenda

8:00am Registration Open

9:00am  Welcome and Opening Remarks: Thomas Barr, Executive Director, Local First Arizona

9:15am  Keynote Presentation: Business as a Force for Good, Kim Jordan, New Belgium Brewing Company

Kim Jordan, Cofounder and Executive Chair of New Belgium Brewing, will share the story of taking her business from brewing beer in a basement to being a national brand, highlighting the lessons she learned along the way, and ultimately using business as a force for good.

10:10am Breakout Sessions I

  • Doing Business in the Modern Age

Unprecedented demographic shifts, the dynamism of cultural fusion, and the consumer’s ever-expanding desire to patronize businesses that are woke, responsive and ready to serve, require all enterprises that want to have success and longevity to become a culturally competent and responsive enterprise. Learn from local experts in this unique session on their experiences in addressing cultural shifts in consumerism and running a business in the modern age.

Why attend this session? Leave with concrete tools businesses need to grasp running a cognizant business in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

Featured Speakers: Matthew Whitaker, Michelle S Goings, Charles Mitchell & Al Heggs

  • Building Equity through Ownership in Arizona

Traditional models of business have been built with top down growth mentalities. Until recently, cooperatives, benefit corporations, and employee owned companies have been foreign concepts in Arizona. Join local experts to discuss different ways to build companies that consider new ways to grow businesses in our state, centering equity at the forefront.

Why attend this session? Learn specific ways that businesses can be registered in the state of Arizona as alternative models for building equity and business growth.

Featured Speakers: Thomas Barr, Nicole Koch, Jessica Gonzalez & Kevin Fort

  • Creating a Results Oriented Culture

It's easy to get lost in plans for growth and lose sight of what culture we’re creating in our company. Whether he actually said it or not, Peter Drucker’s quote, “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” has been proven true time and time again. Upward Projects, Ideas Collide, and Nextiva are three strong, growing Arizona businesses with a healthy company culture. Hear straight from the leaders behind these businesses about their strategies and success in building results oriented cultures.

Why attend this session? Become more informed from successful local businesses on the steps they took to create their strong company cultures, so you can infuse ideas into your own business.

Featured Speakers: Derrick Mains, Matthew Clyde, Lauren Bailey & Yaniv Masjedi

11:10am Breakout Sessions II

  • A Community Focused Approach to Business

Local businesses are at the center of building great cities. They don’t have the convenience of sitting on the sidelines to watch society evolve, they are the DNA that create the communities we live in. Hear from local business owners and community activists Carlos Velasco, Cindy Dach and Stephanie Vasquez on how they have mobilized their businesses to focus on the success and well being of the community as a whole, while building profitable businesses in Arizona.

Why attend this session? Join to be inspired and learn actionable steps you can take to step up as a community leader through your business.

Featured Speakers: Michael Soto, Carlos Velasco, Cindy Dach & Stephanie Vasquez

  • Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility

Most might think the phrase “Corporate Social Responsibility” an oxymoron. We often only associate corporations with greed and power, seldomly seeing true examples of accountability and stewardship. Join community and business leaders discussing the nature of running socially responsible businesses, and the opportunity Arizona companies have to lead by example.

Why attend this session? Hear unique examples of ways Arizona businesses are establishing what the new norms should be in running a socially responsible company.

Featured Speakers: Kimberly Roland, Thiru Thangarathinam, Devney Preuss, Amy Hysell & Angela Hughey

  • Creating a culture of love

    Do you want everyone in your business to jump out of bed every morning driven to do their best work, for more than just the paycheck?  Learn how you create a values driven culture for higher performing results. Come hear why leading with a culture of love can catapult your company to the next level. 

    Why attend this session? Attend this session if you’re creating your values, or if you’ve had them for years.  Learn how to create your own company values and then how to drive those throughout the entire organization for long term success.  

    Presenter: Kyle McIntosh

12:10pm Lunch

12:50pm Lunchtime Keynote Presentation: Enrique Feldman, Global Learning Foundation

  • Business, Growth and Community Reimagined

Prepare yourself to be physically and mentally engaged in ways which will create new perspectives for how you connect with your employees, your clients and yourself. Walk away with life changing concepts and concrete strategies which have worked for over 100,000 individuals across the U.S., Mexico and Canada. You'll be led by entrepreneur, educator, artist and author, Enrique, in ways to elevate how you think, strategize and connect. From his well known iBG® (Intellectual Brainwave Games), to business strategies and true stories that help us deepen the connection between thriving businesses and healthy communities.

1:30pm Breakout Sessions III

  • Building a Movement of Conscious Business in Arizona

For too long, capitalism has been associated with lying, cheating and gaming the system. But for every horror story about the selfishness of corporate America, there are thousands of stories of businesses supporting their communities and making the world a better place. In this session we’ll discuss what Conscious Capitalism is and exciting opportunities to get your business activated with the movement.

Why attend this session? Join business leaders to learn about the Conscious Capitalism movement occuring in Arizona, and how you can get involved.

Featured Speakers: Brian Burkhart, Adam Goodman, Heidi Jannenga & Scott McIntosh

  • Environmental Sustainability and Your Bottom Line

For small business owners, it can often seem like environmental sustainability and profit are oppositional – a zero sum game. But you can eat your cake and have it too. Hear business owners who have completed Local First Arizona’s SCALE UP program explain how they are implementing practices that not only improve their environmental impact, but also their bottom line.

Why attend this session? Learn about Local First Arizona’s efforts to help businesses become more environmentally sustainable, and how it is saving businesses money and helping them grow.

Featured Speakers: CJ Agbanawag, Mike Mallozzi & Rita Boutwell

  • Engineering Change While Doing Good Business

    More than ever before, companies are expected to take on a shared responsibility in addressing the issues facing the world today. Customers and employees are paying attention, and are increasingly looking to spend their dollars and careers with businesses that are intentionally making the world a better place. It's not enough to engage in cause marketing and corporate social responsibility – companies need to engineer change as a part of doing business.  Hear from Catherine Alonzo, CEO and Co-Founder of Javelina, on why change engineering is good for business and our communities.

    Why attend this session? Leave with a written process for change engineering and other resources to help you identify the change that's possible in the world through good business

Presenter: Catherine Alonzo

2:30pm Breakout Sessions IV

  • Disrupting Broken Systems

We often speak of broken systems: education; healthcare; politics;  but these “broken systems” produce exactly what they are designed to. However, there are individuals who come along and disrupt systems, fundamentally changing what it serves for the better. Join Kimber Lanning with founders of Tuft & Needle, Bayless Healthcare, and The Dhaba, to discuss how we can build businesses that disrupt the profit-first mentality.

Why attend this session? Walk away inspired with new ideas about how businesses can place service and community well being at its core, and be profitable.

Featured Speakers: Kimber Lanning, JT Marino, Justin Bayless & Raveen Aurora

  • Not & For Profit: Building Successful Partnerships

We typically think of relationships between businesses and nonprofits as solely beneficial to the nonprofit. They need funding, we give dollars. They need volunteers, we give time. But “purpose-driven” is more than a trendy buzzword, it’s a way to grow your business while impacting change in the community.

Why attend this session? Walk away more informed from real-life examples of businesses that have moved past merely transactional relationships into transformational partnerships with nonprofit organizations.

Featured Speakers: Kristen Merrifield, Jennifer Purcell, Ronald Pruett, Lin Sue Cooney & Sentari Minor

  • Social Entrepreneurship Stories

Restoring, maintaining, and preserving the wild; providing job training for opportunity and at-risk youth; contributing to economic and community development projects in 19 countries; these aren’t the first things you’ll typically read when learning about new entrepreneurial ventures in Silicon Valley. Why? Because these businesses are in Arizona. Come hear their stories.

Why attend this session? Come learn about and be inspired by 3 socially aware and activated small businesses in our community creating change and building businesses for the betterment of the world.

Featured Speakers: Katelyn Harris Lange, Christy Johnson Moore, Jeff Malkoon, Cameron Jarman & Sean Huntington

3:45pm Special Guest Appearance Presentation

4:00pm Closing Keynote Presentation: Eric Bailey, President, Bailey Strategic Innovation Group

What if you could predict people's irrational behavior? Imagine an end to frustration at work and at home. Eric Bailey, President of BSIG Consulting will help you experience how brain science and psychology can change every relationship in your life.  By creating the Principles of Human Understanding™, Eric has developed a powerful experience that engages the emotional feelers, the analytical thinkers and everyone in between.  Eric’s methodology has been used by Google Inc, the US Air Force, Los Angeles County and many others around the world. Eric has been featured on Huffington Post, Forbes, the Like a Real Boss Podcast and has helped leaders and teams across North America see common problems from new and different perspectives.

5:30pm Closing Reception: PAZ Cantina

Celebrate the success of the inaugural Arizona Good Business Summit and network with business and community leaders! Enjoy drinks, food, and live music at the newly revamped PAZ Cantina in the heart of Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix.