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Green Team Volunteering: Fall Fest Towards Zero Waste Crew

A bin guarder in action!

A bin guarder in action!

Green Team Assemble!

The Arizona Fall Fest is fast approaching!

Arizona Fall Fest has been occurring annually for a decade and a half and we have been working hard to reduce our waste footprint for the last five years. This has resulted in over 5500lbs of waste being diverted from the landfills to recycling, compost and reuse. We have not and cannot do this without you! We are looking for 50 volunteers for morning and afternoon shifts to help us divert waste and educate attendees on sustainability!

We have the current slots open and available:

Bin Guarders (looking for 40!):

            A bin guarder stands in front of three bins, a landfill, a compost and a recycling bin and instructs people which bins their waste should go in. If someone makes a mistake, you simply reach in and pop it over into the correct bin. We have discovered that by simply having this person here momentously increases our diversion rate. We will have a training session prior to the event to teach you what is and is not recyclable, how to chat with people about sustainability and more! Our stations will now have an umbrella for shade!

Diehards (looking for 10):

            A diehard loves sorting the waste. They look at a bag of waste not as a disposal, gross mess but a maze to navigate through, a complex logic puzzle to solve! Our diehards take the bags that have been guarded by the bin guarders and some restaurant trash and dumps them into the correct dumpsters. If they come across a bag that has a mixed stream (recycling, compost and waste all mixed together) they will sort through it and put it where it is suppose to go. This volunteer is usually there in the afternoon/evening and has a shorter shift. We will provide you with gloves and a training session prior to go through what goes where so that you are fully prepared!

This year we have even more benefits! You will be receiving a food ticket for volunteering but Green Team Volunteers will also earn a drink ticket as well for their shift!

Sign up right here, right now to jump in and have some fun! Indicate that you are interested in the “Towards Zero Waste Crew” and we will be in touch!

A diehard in action!

A diehard in action!