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When your money is deposited in locally owned and operated community banks and credit unions, it's quickly recycled back into our local economy. 

Currently only 7% of Arizona's total deposits are in Arizona-owned banks and credit unions. That means our money isn't working for us.

Local banks and credit unions stand with us through ups and downs, support our local entrepreneurs, and are dedicated to our communities. Let's work together to move our money and see how making the switch will enrich communities in Arizona.


Across the state of Arizona, our local banks and credit unions are proving that dealing with finances doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. Check out these friendly faces and places waiting to help you make the switch.


Let our directory help you search for the bank or credit unions that fits your needs.


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Just because they have Arizona in the name doesn’t mean they’re local! Here are 3 ways to tell if your bank or credit union is local: 

1. A local bank is one that is headquartered or chartered in the State of Arizona. They will usually specify where they are chartered on their website. 
2. We've done the research for you - check out our list of Certified Local banks
3. Looking at a credit union based in Arizona? Congratulations - you can be guaranteed that they're local!

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