The Arizona Federal Credit Union Difference:

PLUS payout is one of the most visible ways we differentiate ourselves from banks.

As a not for profit institution, Arizona Federal is motivated to create value for our members as opposed to stockholders. At the end of the year, we give back from earnings to our qualified members.

So much more than money. 

Arizona Federal Credit Union follows the philosophy of people helping people. They are dedicated to providing financial education and playing a positive role in the communities they serve.

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Maricopa County



3 Things to Know About Arizona Federal Credit Union


Arizona Federal Credit Union
Supports Local Organizations

For the past 9 years, Arizona Federal has had a wonderful partnership with the Wilson Community Center in Phoenix. Every year, through a raffle, their employees and members raise money to purchase much-needed supplies for students and their families. In addition they support Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation for scholarships, the 100 Club of Arizona, and HandsOn Greater Phoenix by sharing office space with them and supporting their initiatives. 


From Recreational To Pets,
They've Got You Covered!

Arizona Federal Credit Union offers a wide variety of loan and insurance products to their members. These range from home loans and recreational vehicles, to life and even pet insurance for your four-legged family members!


Strong Local Roots
Lead To Amazing Growth

Arizona Federal was established on October 23, 1936, when a small group of City of Phoenix employees pooled their resources to form Phoenix City Employees Federal Credit Union. They started with fewer than 50 members and an average account balance of $5. The credit union has since expanded to manage over $1.3 billion in assets from 125,000 member accounts in 12 branch locations.