The Vantage West Credit Union Difference:

Money always seems to be top of mind, yet we rarely think about where our money goes once we spend it.

The ‘Where Does Your Money Go?’ campaign shows how our spending decisions deeply impact our communities, our families, and our lives.

So much more than money. 

An investment in Vantage West is an investment in keeping it local, so we all can thrive.

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3 Things to Know About Vantage West Credit Union

Where Does Your Money Go?
Measuring Individual Impact

This year, Vantage West Credit Union launched their new campaign entitled, “Where Your Money Goes.”  It embodies  the Local First Arizona mission and features local talent and production while bringing awareness to the impact of a person’s choice to support local businesses. Check out the video above featuring Tucson artist, Lando Chill.


Walking The Walk with
Local Community Partnerships

Vantage West Credit Union partners with hundreds of local organizations including Local First, Arizona, Tucson Values Teachers, DM Air Force Base, Pima Community College, University of Arizona, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona,  Ben’s Bells, Junior Achievement of Arizona, Earn to Learn, Mexican Baseball Fiesta, Tucson International Mariachi Conference, YWCA of Southern Arizona, San Miguel High School, Children’s Clinics of Tucson and Southern Arizona, and so many more.


The Advantage Of Vantage West
As Your Credit Union

Vantage West Credit Union outlines the benefits and perks of joining in six different categories. These include: your money stays in your community, customer service is localized, easier access to personal and business loans, credit unions are also insured, they play well with other credit unions, plus member discounts and perks. Read more about these six benefits here.