Local First Arizona:
Southern Arizona Team

Community-Focused Events, Programs, and Services

The Local First Arizona (LFA) Southern Arizona team works to bridge the gap between consumers and businesses, bringing businesses to collaborate and innovate, and educating consumers on the importance of shopping locally and supporting local investment across the community.

The LFA team collaborates with our community and encourages ideas and connections within each focus area to enhance opportunity and vibrancy across the Tucson region.

In partnership with the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition (HFAC), engages with developers on future projects for local business benefits, develops training for interested community members and groups, and pursues funding opportunities for the coalition efforts to expand and address community-wide issues such as affordable housing, fair wages, employee ownership, access to healthy food, and environmental sustainability, as well as other community equity goals identified.

Tucson Events & Membership


The Local First Arizona Roadshow is a monthly placemaking event that raises public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. These monthly member gatherings bring local businesses and the community together in fun, interactive settings that take place in a new space each month. Our goal is to highlight the local businesses and the many different communities that Southern Arizona has to offer.

Our monthly membership events take place on the first Wednesday of the month and are open to the public to enjoy live music, raffle drawings, fun activities for all ages, a local beer and wine garden, food, local business corners for members to engage in business-to-business conversations, and more.

Join our group of locally owned and diverse businesses of all industries that share one thing in common: the desire to create a prosperous and thriving economy.

Tucson Programs

SCALE UP (Sustainable Communities Accessing Lending and Expertise Upon Performance) Program: Recently recognized with the 2019 Tucson Electric Power’s Go Green Business Development Partner Award, this new program launched by Local First Arizona Foundation and other community partners in Tucson focuses on making it easier for local businesses to save energy and money by implementing sustainable practices. This exciting new program emphasizes local energy, water, waste, and transportation conservation; training businesses to apply concepts and practices of benchmarking, evaluation, and implementation of upgrades for their business facilities coupled with financial and other incentives. Participating businesses that complete the program are able to finance new projects through a new community conservation revolving loan fund, in partnership with Community Investment Corporation. Other partners include Tucson 2030 District and Physicians For Social Responsibility.

Fuerza Local Business Accelerator Program: This six-month program is designed to teach underserved micro-entrepreneurs important basics for financial literacy and business development. The Tucson efforts for the statewide program are led by Paul Mendoza and Hector Treto of Vib’n and supported by Local First Arizona Legacy Partner, Sonoran Glass School, where the program is held on a weekly basis.

Tucson Small Wonders

Scroll through a sampling of businesses below, or view our full Small Wonders maps of Tucson.

Our work thrives because of our collaboration with our community and partners such as:

The Southern Arizona Local First Team