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We can help your business grow environmental sustainability initiatives

Local First Arizona works to make sure independent businesses prepare for the future. As we think through the challenges the business community will face in the coming years, climate change will likely affect them in many ways, including increased energy costs, disruption due to extreme weather events and possible water restrictions in our desert state. We aim to give local businesses the tools and resources they need to prepare themselves and adapt.

We see firsthand that locally owned business are leading the charge in environmental sustainability across the state. By shining the spotlight on these businesses that are paying attention to environmental best practices, we grow the green movement in the state and provide a way for citizens to recognize and support them. Your business can join us in transforming Arizona’s image to a state that embraces environmental sustainability and is making strides to conserve resources.  


Sustainability Resources For Your Businesses

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Consulting and Assistance

Are you looking for help on a sustainability project or determining best practices for your business? We've helped dozens of businesses already identify ways they can improve their practices while saving money and resources.


Free Resources

Local First Arizona hosts regular webinars and seminars to help you learn the best strategies for sustainability. You can watch some of the webinars that have been posted to our online learning resource, the Local Learning Lab.


Share Your Sustainability Story

We love sharing stories of our members who are committed to their communities with our highly-engaged and growing Localist audience. Have a story to share? Let us know how you're being sustainable, and check out our blog for more.

Event Recycling Toolkit

LFA has been able to significantly reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill at Local First AZ events through our Towards Zero Waste efforts. Check out our helpful toolkit with systems and resources that we use to put on successful events with minimal impact.


Sustainable Communities Accessing Lending and Expertise Upon Performance (SCALE UP) program is an exciting new opportunity, emphasizing local energy, water, and transportation conservation; training businesses to apply concepts and practices of benchmarking, evaluation, and implementation of upgrades for their business facilities coupled with financial incentives.


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