Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Because Event Space, 3419 E. University Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85034


Corporate social responsibility is the future of business in Arizona.


From printing companies that are employee owned, to restaurants that are striving toward zero waste, to bookstores that advocate for issues they believe in and farms that are embracing sustainability, there are countless ways that local businesses are solving problems in our state and are setting good examples for other business owners.

The SOCENT (Social Entrepreneurship) Summit will be a day to hear directly from Arizona entrepreneurs about how and why they decided to create change. You'll hear from local business owners who will discuss how operating in a socially responsible matter makes them stand out in their industry. Breakout sessions will focus on how to measure the impact your business is making, how to improve it and how to engage employees and citizens with your company.

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Programming & Workshops


Diversifying Your Supply Chain

This panel discussion will focus on why it’s important to support people of color owned, refugee owned, locally owned and social enterprise businesses in their supply chain. Learn how these businesses impact the community.


BUILDING THE BUSINESS CASE FOR Environmental Sustainability

This presentation from Wholesum Harvest in southern Arizona, who will share their story of environmental sustainability, including how it helps the bottom line and creates company culture.  


Inclusion in Your Workforce

This panel discussion will be focused on how businesses are seeking out a diverse workforce including people from under-represented communities & those that need a second chance.


Employee Engagement

This panel discussion will focus on how business owners are attracting talent and engaging their employees.  You’ll hear from Arizona entrepreneurs who empowering their teams and coming up with unique benefits for their staffs.


Creating a Values Driven Culture

Explore how to unite the heart of the company, the values/mission/purpose with performance, by finding ways to infuse the company values throughout the organization.


Sustainability Workshop

Regina Murphy-Darling (aka Mrs. Green), a longstanding voice of sustainability in Arizona, will be leading this workshop focusing on how your business can go about improving its environmental footprint, and how forming a Green Team can give purpose to  your employees.  


Marketing Workshop

Your business is doing great things for the community, for your employees, for the planet. Are you telling this to your customers and stakeholders?  This workshop led by Frank Salls with Hearthook will give you tools to share the good you are doing with the world. 


Advocacy Workshop

Businesses have an outsized voice in the political realm, so it's important to our communities that businesses leverage their voice to make our world a better place.  In this session, we'll discuss methods for effective advocacy at the neighborhood, city, and state level.



Paul Saginaw, Co-Founding Partner and Chief Spiritual Officer of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

Keynote speaker Paul Saginaw, co-founder of Zingerman’s Delicatessen, will share how this 35 year old business has grown from a small deli to a multi-enterprise operation with a creamery, bake house, coffee house, candy "manufactory" and mail-order concept. When Paul opened Zingerman's with partner Ari Weinzweig in 1982, he did so believing that business can be a powerful tool for positive social change. Zingerman’s today is a community of ten unique businesses, linked by the Zingerman’s brand and guiding principles, and incubated under Zingerman’s entrepreneurial umbrella. From his grandfather Paul learned the thrill of risk-taking in business and the accompanying privileges and responsibilities. He relishes the potential good that can be accomplished with 21 partners and over 725 employed individuals. He feels joyful for the opportunity to mentor others in business, offer financial literacy to all Zingerman’s staff, and continue to raise wages. In his mind success has come despite his limited natural talent and ability because he believes that the only real limits are those of vision.


Raveen Arora, Owner of The Dhaba

A refugee child who made education his priority, Raveen is the embodiment of ethics, humility, integrity, transparency and sincerity. He epitomizes what every socially and community minded professional desires to be − a servant leader who leads and inspires by example of placing people and purpose before profits, culture and stakeholders before strategy and shareholders. He embraced a blighted, rundown and economically challenged part of Apache Boulevard in Tempe for his Dhaba India Plaza Cultural Center and has been pivotal to the redevelopment of this area of the Tempe light rail corridor. Raveen has been honored with a laundry list of awards, recognizing his devotion to economic growth, diversity, hospitality and community. He commits to serve in numerous associations, global boards, organizations and city programs.


Why attend?

As consumers seek out companies whose impact is transparent and aligned with their beliefs, there is much to be gained by your business incorporating elements of social responsibility into your business. It’s a way to increase credibility and trust in your brand, create an engaged workforce and attract employees, generate press, attract investors and funders and stand out as a role model in the community. Social responsibility is something that every business can incorporate, and small steps can make a big impact. Join us at SOCENT Summit to learn how.


Who should attend?

Business Owners & Staff: Businesses of all industries, large and small will find the content relevant. Whether your business has been incorporating elements of social responsibility for years, or it is just beginning to think about ways to operate with people, planet and profit in mind, you will leave the Summit with new ideas and inspirations from fellow entrepreneurs. Owners, HR professionals, managers and key staff of your business are encouraged to attend.

Entrepreneurs: Individuals who are looking for ideas to solve complex social issues and environmental challenges will find plenty of inspiration at this event, and will be able to network with like-minded individuals.

Investors: Investing in socially responsible companies that produce value for stakeholders have the potential to result in strong financial returns. Meet Arizona companies that are doing great things in the state.

Economic Development professionals, City employees and elected officials: What does a community of socially responsible business owners look like for your city or town? Learn from our panelists how their businesses create a strong, positive presence in the regions they operate in.

Nonprofits: Social responsibility is not just for for-profit companies! Nonprofits exist to solve problems in our communities and can further their impact by implementing new ideas into their operations and telling their stories.

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