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The Local First Arizona Small Wonders maps feature independently owned shopping and dining destinations and have found their way into the hands of tourists, students and local residents longing for unique experiences to share. These pocket sized maps are your guides to find locally owned restaurants, retail shops and unique experiences in select cities in Arizona. Click on the links to view each map. 

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How Our Small Wonders Maps have been used: 

  • Realtors use our maps to welcome home buyers to new neighborhoods.

  • Apartment complexes display maps to help residents find local businesses near them.

  • Brides and grooms have used them to give out-of-town guests an idea of what to do during their wedding down time.

  • Hotels and inns use the maps to guide guests to local attractions.

  • Events and conferences have used the maps to inform attendees on nearby places to visit while in town.

  • And much more!

Small Wonders Map Collection

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