Local First Arizona For(u)m Subcontractor Expo Returns to Advocate for Sustainable Development and Localized Supply Chain

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Local First Arizona For(u)m Subcontractor Expo Returns to Advocate Sustainable Development and Localized Supply Chain.

Diverse development stakeholders will connect to build more thoughtful future development projects

Phoenix, Arizona (February 9, 2018) - On Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Local First Arizona’s For(u)m program will host the Spring Subcontractor Expo. The Subcontractor Expo is presented by For(u)m, Local First Arizona’s membership-based program committed to furthering diverse and thoughtful development through the use of infill, adaptive reuse, preservation, and redevelopment. Local subcontractors such as carpenters, steelworkers, glass workers, engineers, and designers will showcase their exemplary crafts and skill sets at the event. In brief, the expo-style gathering creates a unique opportunity for architects and developers to connect with local subcontractors and spark future collaboration efforts to create aesthetically pleasing and functional creative projects. The event will be held from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Western Window Systems, located at 2200 East Riverview Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Launched in 2016, For(u)m is a hub for development professionals who care about urban infill projects and ensuring residents, city governments, and business stakeholders are part of the conversation when new projects launch. An idea of creating a “forum” for critical conversations regarding our built environment and its “form” gave birth the the name For(u)m

This year the Spring Subcontractor boasts double the amount of vendors and a special host. Western Window Systems, a participant in the inaugural event, will open the doors of their innovative Phoenix office and create a space for conversation and socializing. Scott Gates, President and CEO of Western Window Systems expressed the reasoning for his companies’ continued involvement and decision to take on the host role.

“At Western Window Systems we believe a connection with the community is essential. We’re thrilled to be hosting the For(u)m Spring Subcontractor Expo at our brand-new facility and look forward to providing the perfect spot for development professionals in the Phoenix metro area to connect, learn and inform,” Gates added.

“We're really excited to be able to literally showcase the circular economy with this event--sharing Western Window Systems' manufacturing and business operations, and showing folks how we can build a better Arizona,” said Connor Descheemaker, Community Planning Coordinator for Local First Arizona. The expo will bring together 25 skilled craftspeople from unique disciplines that are invited based on strong skill sets, he added.

The Spring Subcontractor Expo is made possible with support of Western Window Systems in partnership with Courtesy Chevrolet Fleet. Local First Arizona is currently determining future dates for a future subcontractor expo in the Phoenix Metro area for this year. Besides the expo, For(u)m host various events that strive to create promote sustainable and thoughtful development. Further details on upcoming For(u)m initiatives and events can be found at: https://www.localfirstaz.com/forum/.

Event details:

Local First Arizona Spring For(u)m Subcontractor Expo
Tuesday, February 20, 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Western Window Systems, 2200 East Riverview Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034
Cost to attend: $10, or free for members of For(u)m
Registration: https://www.localfirstaz.com/events/forum-subcontractor-spring-2018


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