Lore Contreras Joins Local First Arizona Team to Share Her Love of Tucson

Local First Arizona is made up of some pretty awesome people, and we're proud to add one more awesome person to our Tucson office. A former Local First Arizona intern, Lore Contreras recently joined the team as the Tucson Membership Coordinator. She just couldn't get enough of all the unique Tucson local businesses who are members of our local business coalition. Lore will be continuing to help our members achieve their goals and make connections in the community. Get to know Lore and say hi to her at the next Tucson event:

Hi Lore! Tell us a bit about your background.

I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, the state of Mariachi Music and Tequila. I grew up a 90s kid watching the best cartoons, and riding my bike around the beautiful parks of my city. When I was eleven years old my family and I emigrated to Tucson, Arizona, in the pursuit of the American Dream. Although I am not a native-born Tucsonan, I sure consider myself one. My family and I have been here for twelve years, and I was raised on the north east side of town went to Sabino High School and will be receiving my degree on Visual Arts from Pima Community College.  

What drew you to Local First Arizona?

When I was looking for internships in the summer of 2015, I wanted to get involved with an organization that would help me grow professionally. I was online doing research and I ran into the LFA Internship application. I just remembered reading the Outreach Coordinator Intern description and going through the entire website thinking, "Wow, this is something really want to be part of!" I wanted to learn more, and be involved. My Internship went beyond my expectations and became a lifestyle, I started considering myself a localist, I found a job at a local restaurant, shifted my banking to a local bank and even shared with my class a speech on Advocating Localism.

What drew me back as an employee is the good quality of people that are involved with Local First Arizona including my coworkers, our members, and volunteers. These people create an aura of positive energy, and I enjoyed being around them. The more I get to know these individuals the more Local First AZ inspires me.

Lastly, I was drawn to Local First AZ because it aligns with my values, it is an organization that strives to empower and educate communities in all their diversities. 

What is your favorite local business and why?  

When I interviewed as an intern I was asked this same question and my answer was Hotel Congress, home to Club Congress the Cup Cafe and sibling to Maynard’s, it is probably where I spend most of my local time. At my job interview my answer was I can’t choose, I love them all! I can’t choose a favorite because I love the localist experience and advocating for localism, to me it’s is an adventure discover local gems.