Vantage West Credit Union Asks: Where Does Your Money Go?

Vantage West Credit Union has collaborated on a new video that asks: Where does your money go? We know it's important to shop locally. But where you spend your money is just as important as where you keep your money.

Vantage West Credit Union has put together a Tucson-themed video to make this case. Check out the video below. Additionally, how many local businesses can you recognize in the video?

What if we save and spend with institutions not built on illusion, one in which invests our hard earned dollar into the heart of Tucson supplying small business with the lifeblood its been craving.

You can also visit their website also to see your local impact when you make the shift to local. Their website is a good reminder that you can do much more than simply "shop local," but you can eat local, support local arts, use local services, and, of course, bank local. 

April is Community Banking Month, a time when we celebrate all that our community banks and credit unions do for the community. You can learn more about moving your money to a local bank or credit union like Vantage West at