Building Local Community Relationships Set Up My Foundation For Success.

The success of Local First Arizona’s work to support, promote and advocate for a strong local business community changed the course of my life.  The founder of Truce, Dr. Diann Peart and my wonderful mother, Julie Witenstein, the owner of Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics and Dance Center had been members of Local First Arizona since the beginning of 2008. For a long time Julie, bought her glasses at Sassy Glasses, which is another successful member of Local First Arizona. One of the more recent times she received a sample of Truce All Purpose Cleaner. Having loved the samples so much, my mom went out and bought a full bottle of product for our house!

Coincidentally, my mother Julie met Diann, at a summer Local First Mixer towards the end of the 2017. Hitting it off, they decided they had to absolutely to meet again and explore business opportunities together. As many things do, this slipped through the cracks of everyday life. Time went on, and I moved home after graduating from school and working in Israel for the summer. To help boost my job opportunities and expand my local knowledge my mom pushed me to attend a Local First Seminar with her in the Fall. 

This seminar was the foundation for the success I have reached today. Diann from Truce was in attendance, and Julie immediately introduced me. Truce was looking for recent college graduates that could bring a unique energy to the company. Diann believed that I fit the script and I am now a core employee at Truce pushing our businesses development into new territory. Additionally, Truce and Arizona Sundays have become full fledged partners working to make certain that the Childcare industry in our community and country remove harsh toxins from their lives. 

This partnership would have not been possible without Local First Arizona. Not only does Local First set up networking events for businesses to push their organizations forward but it gives us an opportunity to move our community in ways that were never thought to be possible. In the words of Local First Arizona, THINK LOCAL, BUY LOCAL, BE LOCAL. 


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MEet our Guest Blog author:

Matthew Witenstein, the head of Business Development at Truce.

He combined his experience in small business operations, marketing, public relations and drive for qualitative results to move Truce forward. 

He strongly believes Truce has given him the freedom to grow in to his position and kickoff his career.