Sustainable Linens

Wanting to reduce your waste and support a local business at the same time? Look no further than Natural Linens, a Scottsdale based company dedicated to providing high quality and organic products that can be reused. Natural Linens opened five years ago by Carmen Vidal to promote a sustainable livelihood. Today, she has a wide variety of products to help people be more sustainable.

Green Blood

Growing up in Canada, Carmen was surrounded by a culture of reducing and reusing. While raising her two kids, she continued this tradition. For her family, living a sustainable life is more than just good for the environment, it is also good for her family’s health. Carmen wanted to create products so people could attain a healthier lifestyle and reduce their waste. This led her to forming her home-based business.

 Sourcing Sustainable Material

Natural Linens specializes in creating items that replace single-use, throw away products with a reusable, natural fiber product.  Popular reusable products she sells include unpaper towels, coffee filters, sandwich bags and facial rounds.  Great care goes into choosing the materials used and she focuses on organic cotton and linen as it will not cause adverse health effects. For example, the unpaper towels are made of Organic GOTS certified unbleached cotton birdseye. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification ensures that materials are organic and looks at the entire supply chain, keeping high environmental and social standards in mind. Natural Linens is very hands-on in their sourcing.  Carmen recently decided to buy organic linen from Belgium instead of China after a visit to the factory in Belgium to look at how the linen was being processed and plans to offer products made with this Belgium linen in the new year. By switching sources, better working conditions are promoted and the environmental impact is also reduced.

 Quality and Customer Service First

Every product a customer buys from Natural Linens Boutique is sent with ecofriendly packaging and a personalized note.  Natural Linens products are sent all around the world however, most products are bought from and shipped to customers in the United States. The most popular product is the Unpaper towels. Natural Linens wants to help their customers live a sustainable life. If you are unable to find a specific product to help with that quest, Natural Linens will also customize a product for you.

For more information about Natural Linens and their amazing products, please visit Carmen’s website.  You can also purchase products at. Natural Linens Etsy