Self-Healing with a Beautiful View

Carlton Ann Daily, a massage therapist in the Verde Valley, is on a mission to "help people help themselves" by reconnecting with a more positive state of mind. With 32 years of practice under her belt, Carlton has relocated from Philadelphia to her tranquil location in Clarkdale and is excited to become part of the Verde Valley community. What's even more exciting is the uniquely-peaceful location Carlton offers her clients - a beautifully constructed Yurt overlooking the valley.


 Guests have traveled from far and near to experience the wonder of Carlton's Yurt.

Guests have traveled from far and near to experience the wonder of Carlton's Yurt.

A Yurt is a "modern adaptation of an ancient shelter" (more) and is traditionally round and portable. Originally constructed as dwellings in Central Asia several thousands of years ago, the tranquil and symbolic appeal of the ancient Yurt has revived their construction in the United States. Carlton partnered with Johnathan Keaton of Yavapai Custom Yurts to construct her therapeutic shelter.


Embracing the notion of "hearts-ease," Carlton explains that by addressing and removing negative or painful sentiments, one is able to breathe easier and make better decisions for themselves. Therefore, she caters each session to identifying "what is in the way" for each unique client.

With the use of her Biomat, Carlton is able to pair its comforting warmth with techniques to reduce stiffness and enhance comfort. Her focus is on body awareness and movement and specializes in Deep Tissue and movement reeducation Structural Bodywork.

Start the New Year with positivity and let Carlton help you begin your journey of self-healing.

For more information, visit Carton Ann Daily's website or call for consultation over the
Phone to find out if this is the type of
Massage that would work for you.

P: (610) 574-2793

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