SCALE UP Program to Help AZ Businesses Become More Sustainable Now Open



A coalition of local businesses and nonprofits throughout the state are collaborating to develop and launch a new pilot program that will make it easier for local businesses to save energy and money by implementing sustainable practices. The new Sustainable Communities Accessing Lending and Expertise Upon Performance (SCALE UP) program is an exciting new opportunity, emphasizing local energy, water, and transportation conservation; training businesses to apply concepts and practices of benchmarking, evaluation, and implementation of upgrades for their business facilities coupled with financial incentives. The program will recognize participating businesses as sustainability leaders in the community that are making steps towards making Tucson a more environmentally friendly community.

SCALE UP is providing an exclusive opportunity for locally owned independent businesses, nonprofits, houses of worship, multi-family and educational institutions to lower their utility costs. These six weekly workshops will educate businesses on general sustainability planning topics, efficiency/conservation techniques, and the basics of developing a sustainability plan. A companion program Workbook will provide discussion exercises and worksheets that will form the Sustainability Plan to achieve at least a 10% reduction in energy use in your building and will then provide you access to an exclusive Loan and Incentive Package created for program participants.

Benefits for qualified businesses include:

●    Save significantly on energy/water bills through profitable upgrades and property value increases from lower operating costs.
●    Receive grants and loans with financial analysis to support energy, water, transportation, and waste reduction projects that can significantly reduce the cost of projects.
●    Develop sustainability goals and plans to reduce carbon emissions for better quality of life.
●    Learn to create a healthier environment for your employees and patrons.
●    Recognition as a sustainability leader in the community.
●    Access to special incentives that can drastically reduce the cost of new equipment.

How to Apply

Applications are due by Wednesday, April 25th, at 5:00 pm. Workshops will be held on Tuesday evenings starting Tuesday, May 8th and ending on Tuesday, June 19th. A limited number of buildings will be accepted for the pilot program based on available funding. A limit of two representatives per building can apply for the program (only one application per business is required). It is strongly suggested that two persons participate per business. Applications are available here.

Program partners include Local First Arizona, Tucson 2030 District, Physicians For Social Responsibility, Community Investment Corporation, and the University of Arizona Office of Sustainability, along with businesses involved with both Tucson 2030 District and Local First Arizona.

Contact Mike Peel, Local First Arizona Southern Arizona Director at [email protected] or (520) 261-0824 if you have any questions.