Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales Celebrates 75 Years Serving the Valley

Arizona may be a relatively newer state compared to the rest, but we still have a rich and vibrant history. One example is right here in Phoenix, where Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales is celebrating 75 years in business in their original location. 

Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales is Phoenix’s oldest independent auto dealership and has been family owned and operated in the same location since 1942. Sarwark's was founded by Roman "Slim" Sarwark in 1942, and son Frank now runs the business, and their aim is to sell the nicest cars possible, and keep the price affordable. "My father realized early on that it could be difficult for the average person to obtain auto financing through a bank or loan company," said Frank. "He also knew that most people who were being turned down for a car loan, could and would pay for the car they purchased. He started financing the cars he sold, and we have been doing that ever since."

Just like other local businesses, Sarwark's can be more flexible and accommodating with customers that run into problems like divorce, loss of job, illnesses, and other circumstances that can create difficulties. They understand these situations are usually temporary, and promise to work with their customers so that they can stay afloat during difficult times. 

Some of our customers have gone to other dealerships to purchase a car, but have come back to us to purchase their next car because they prefer our way of doing business rather than the big dealerships and finance companies. When you purchase a car from us, you become part of our family.
— Frank Sarwark, Sarwark's Consolidated Auto Sales

You're invited to help Sarwark's Consolidated Auto Sales celebrate 75 years of business at their original location at 1610 E. Van Buren Street on May 20, 2017 from 4pm-6pm. Join President, Frank Sarwark, son of Roman Sarwark, Founder, and Vice President Nick Sarwark, grandson of Roman Sarwark, as they continue to serve the Valley with great customer service and give back to the community. This event is free and open to all members of the public. The celebration begins at 4pm with a variety of food, fun, prizes and children’s activities.

Also at the celebration, the Sarwarks will award the Roman and Ruth Sarwark Memorial Scholarship to this year's recipients, given annually to two deserving high school students. Scholarship deadline is May 13, 2017, and recipients must be available to attend the celebration. 

Congratulations to charter Local First Arizona member Sarwark's Consolidated Auto Sales! We salute your commitment to the community, and wish you another happy 75 years.