Reid Park Zoo is a Hub for Local Economic Impact and Tucson's Economy


The Reid Park Zoo is an exotic economic engine for the city as well as an intergenerational and multicultural hub. What many patrons don’t know is that the zoo was built by and continues to be supported by many local businesses such as Lloyd Construction, The Ashton Company, Excel Mechanical, Inc., Precision Tool and Construction Supply, Tucson Appliance Company, Made In The Shade Environmental LLC, A Thru Z Consulting & Distributing, Inc., Cemrock Landscapes, Inc., Swaim Associates Architects, Durazo Construction Inc., Cirrus Visual and more. Through these and other local businesses, in the last five years over 15 million dollars in improvements have been built by local businesses. These improvements included a new elephant habitat, meerkat habitat, animal health center and primate exhibit.


After 50 years in town, and with over half-a-million visitors, the Reid Park Zoo is committed to maintaining and modernizing its facilities, enhancing existing education programs, continuing to bring inclusive programming to the community, helping build new exhibits, and contributing to the Zoo’s worldwide conservation efforts . This includes partnerships with school districts, camps and class offerings, and innovative family programs. A new and exciting partnership with the University of Arizona will enable future veterinarians to receive on-site training while highlighting the zoo’s commitment to training and providing local job opportunities for veterinarians in Tucson. 

The Reid Park Zoo is a major destination for visitors, and has a massive economic impact on Tucson.

Any time you invest your dollars locally, you empower and support a local community. This investment creates more local jobs, which is called the multiplier effect. That means more money stays in Tucson, creating more jobs and wages right here locally. Secondary and tertiary jobs, such as the ones previously mentioned and others such as accountants, graphic designers and payroll service providers, are supported by local businesses that hire other local businesses, creating the multiplier effect.


The zoo is a major destination for visitors, and has a massive economic impact on our city. Your local support of visits, memberships and/or donations helps sustain their inclusive vision of celebrating biological diversity while providing accessible community education and recreation for all visitors. More support for the Reid Park Zoo is always needed, whether financial, in-kind donations or volunteers for areas from maintenance to exciting expansion plans. To learn more, visit

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