RacingArizonaLIVE - Exploring Arizona with this Interactive Game Show Adventure.

CHESWORTH Films is launching RacingArizonaLIVE this weekendan interactive game show adventure that takes contestants on an exploration of Arizona. This year’s inaugural race will take place this weekend on June 3 and 4. 

How it works

The RacingArizonaLIVE crew has selected six teams to go on six separate adventures around Arizona. Each team will need to go LIVE on Facebook, or have the options to post the pictures and videos to show what is spectacular about Arizona in each audience-chosen location.

The finish line of the adventure will be at Phoenix's Bliss/Rebar (905 N 4th St) on Sunday, June 4 at 8:00 pm. The winning team will be decided by likes, hearts, and shares on their Facebook posts - not on when they finish the race. 

RacingArizonaLIVE has three simple rules: 

  • Nothing illegal
  • Nothing immoral
  • Nothing unkind

Brought to you by the "King of Facebook LIVE"

Webbie Award-nominated filmmaker Mike Chesworth, whom OH Partners proclaimed "The King of Facebook LIVE," is the creator of RacingArizonaLIVE. Chesworth created many projects that have gone viral - including a dog quinceañera and the HOT Car Challenge with PeTa and Arizona Cardinal Tyrann Mathieu to show the danger of locking a dog in a car on a hot day.

RacingArizonaLIVE is the next phase. Chesworth formulated the idea for this project in Bali, Indonesia, where his Facebook followers chose to send him in a choose my adventure experiment utilizing Facebook LIVE. He realized not everyone can jump on a plane, but anyone can explore their own state.

Even though people can easily explore their own state, they rarely do. There are so many hidden spots around Arizona that people don’t know about, and this race will take them there – along with all of their Facebook friends and online followers of the race.

— Chesworth

This race was created to remind people to get outside and play

May 2017 marks 21 years that Chesworth has been making films of other people’s events. He now feels it is the time to expand into creating and promoting his own events.

There are shows like The Amazing Race, but they aren’t live and interactive. In the future, there will be live programming made for the mobile device. Rather than develop my own app I chose to utilize Facebook’s platform due to its broad use, appeal and versatility. I am using Facebook to create this first truly live and interactive reality TV show.

RacingArizonaLIVE is sponsored by Arizona State Parks and Trails.

For live updates, check out Mike Chesworth's Facebook Page, join the event page, or browse the official website.

To apply to be part of RacingArizonaLIVE, or for more information, visit www.RacingArizona.LIVE or message: [email protected]