Building Sustainability


Whether you live in the cool mountains of Flagstaff or the extra hot basin of Phoenix, sometimes the sticker shock of your energy bill can be overwhelming. Fortunately, High Caliber Construction has noticed this trend and has been building solutions to make homes more energy efficient. Based in Flagstaff, this home builder and remodeler has been promoting sustainability and is leading the way in Arizona for ENERGY STAR certified and Net Zero residential and commercial buildings.

Taking it to the Next Level

High Caliber Construction is proving their commitment to sustainability by building Net Zero homes, with one complete and one in construction, both in Flagstaff. Net Zero homes are those that produce as much energy as they use, with production coming from efficient building and on-site renewable resources like solar. The first house High Caliber built is 1,800 square feet and has an energy bill of $18 per month. This zero-emission house was built using JEP technology, which uses a special type of plaster that reflects heat away from the building. The new house is 3,200 square feet and will not have an energy bill. Both houses are airtight, which makes the indoor air cleaner.

The newer home builds off lessons learned from the first house. It faces north in order to better use techniques of passive solar to distribute the sun’s energy in the winter and block it in the summer. The new home has ceramic tiles on the roof which are more sustainable as they can be replaced one by one, have a low life cycle cost and are weather tested. Beyond energy efficiency, the second home will also have sustainable landscaping. The home collects rainwater that can be used for irrigation and has separate greywater and blackwater systems, with the greywater also able to be used for irrigation. Both houses are certified by the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program, which helps to educate and promote sustainable building practices. In the next year, High Caliber will begin to build a third Net Zero house for a private client.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

In addition to building Net Zero homes, High Caliber incorporates energy efficiency into other projects. They currently have two Five-Star-Plus Energy Star rated homes, which means that a building will need lower levels of cooling and heating in order to keep the house a comfortable temperature in the winter and summer allowing for high energy efficiency.

About half of their business comes from remodeling, making homes or offices more energy efficient which is becoming a more common request from their clients. High Caliber prides themselves on going beyond basic building codes and creating new standards for buildings and energy efficiency.

Putting People First

While High Caliber sets a great example in caring for the environmental impact their buildings inhabitants have, they also strongly believe in having a positive company culture. Communicating effectively with their clients allows High Caliber to provide high-quality construction. They care greatly about their employees, wanting them to grow and succeed in their careers and lives. They give their employees the opportunity to take the lead on projects and encourage them to learn new skills surrounding eco-friendly technology.  They embrace the localism movement and have moved a significant amount of their purchasing to HomCo Lumber and Hardware.

High Caliber works in northern Arizona and the metro Phoenix area. For more information about them or to schedule a visit to one of the Net Zero homes, visit their website.