A Solar Investment

If you’re looking to make the switch toward a more eco-friendly and economical course of generating electricity, consider Rooftop Solar, a local, community centric solar installer that offers photovoltaic installation, finance, and maintenance for residential and commercial solar. Serving Arizona and California in areas such Flagstaff, Sedona, Verde Valley, Northern Arizona, San Diego, and Borrego Springs, Rooftop Solar is committed to ensuring everything is 100% to your satisfaction.

What started as a family fascination and project has morphed into a reality for Rooftop Solar. The vision of Rooftop Solar began in 2002 when the grandfather of founding partners Hadassah, Seth, and Jason first installed solar on his house. Their grandfather was a longtime believer in clean energy, well before government incentives and tax benefits. That passion stayed in the family. In 2008, after years of discussing the idea, Seth and Hadassah decided to combine forces, passion, and vision to create Rooftop Solar. Today, Rooftop Solar is a locally owned business committed to providing clean energy at an affordable price to private residents and commercial businesses.