How to Celebrate Mother's Day Like a Localist

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day when your mom deserves a month long vacation and you can only afford a candle?

Have no fear, shopping with local retailers will help you stretch your dollar and treat mom to (close to) what she deserves.

Finding gifts with local retailers will also help ease the burden if you have a lot of special ladies in your life; step-moms, grandmas, aunts or any female role model! Local retailers make it easy to come in under budget because they knock out the competition when it comes to pricing, quality, customer service, and uniqueness.

Why shop local? When you spend your money with a local business it circulates in your community nearly four times more than when spent with a chain retailer or online. This means your money works for you and your hometown. 

Myth: Prices are lower at chain retailers, in other communities, and online. 

Myth-BUSTED: More often than not, spending money at local businesses in your own community is less expensive than spending money with chain retailers or online.

In addition to the lower prices, these places are close to home. This means you save on gas, limit the wear on your car, and reduce emission into the atmosphere. Plus, the sales taxes you'll pay will recirculate in your own community.  The money you spend in taxes should do work for you!  Shopping local is a no-brainer. Save money. Save time. Save the planet. Support your community. Sound likes a pretty sweet deal. 

We broke down the numbers on some solid Mother’s Day gifts in Globe/Miami and Bisbee. Unsurprisingly, the local options are less expensive and provide higher overall quality. Support for these local businesses will show your mom or mother figure just how much they mean to you; all while doing good with your dollars!

Make Mother's Day Gifting Simple with these local finds: 

Pinal Mountain Flowers brings a flare to the Miami community with its "big purple building" while providing fresh flower arraignments, home decor, gifts, and much more. On top of being a beacon of color in  town, owner Christie Cothrun spends her free time supporting the community and many local organizations - serving on boards and giving back anyway she can. 


In Bisbee, you can find some fantastic gifts for that special lady in your life for amazing prices! Tumbleweed Gypsy has a large variety of options and their prices rival Amazon, support the community, and don't require shipping or waiting time. Check them out on Subway Street in Bisbee for your shopping needs.


On average, Tumbleweed Gypsy offers lower prices and locally-made products while supporting their community and economy.