Mane Attraction Salon

As the holidays swing into full gear, don’t forget a little bit of self love as you fight the holiday traffic and shopping rush. If you’re thinking of a brand new look to kick off the new year, a fancy style for a holiday party or gathering, or just a fine tune to your regular hair style, swing by Mane Attraction Salon at the Biltmore Plaza.

Each stylist at Mane Attraction is committed to ongoing education of the newest beauty and fashion trends, and providing each client with the necessary time and open communication to create their ideal look. Main Attraction offers a friendly and sharing environment that makes for a great experience. Master Stylists take the time to analyze your bone structure, body structure, and discuss your lifestyle to recommend the best cut specifically for you. They also work with your hair and not against it, allowing your ideal look to come from how well they cut or color your hair and not how talented you are with styling it. Upon analyzing your skin tone, eye color, natural hair color and existing color, the team at Mane Attraction can also recommend shades and tones to enhance your look. The team at Mane Attraction Salon are a delightful bunch of stylists who enjoy what they do and are committed to creating a look that leaves you feeling like a whole new you – visit their website at for a list of services and to book an appointment.