Local Businesses Doing Their "Home" Work this Earth Day and Every Day

This Earth Day, we highlight some of our local businesses of all industries and sizes that are practicing sustainability. From where produce is sourced, to composting, to the products they sell, sustainability is always in mind. 

Phoenix Zoo πŸ˜

The Phoenix Zoo is a conservation organization. It is extremely important for them to be a leader in the community, showing others how to live green and work green. The Phoenix Zoo tries to practice as many green habits as possible to sustain resources and to preserve these resources for future generations. They are dedicated to the education of the public but also the welfare of the 3,000 animals they house at the zoo. 

Green Facts About The Phoenix Zoo

  • Repurposed materials such as newspaper, shoe boxes, and egg cartons are used as enrichment tools for various animals throughout the Zoo. 
  • During their annual ZooLights event, all light bulbs have been switched to 100% LED lights that save up to 90% over traditional lights.
  • Throughout the Zoo there are 75 recycle bins all made out of 100% recycled milk jugs.
  • The Zoo has a "Green Team," which is a group of volunteers and employees that led the charge on implementing sustainability programs including "Caught Green Handed" where they hand out stickers to patrons who do green actions throughout the park (recycling, picking up trash, or composting). They can exchange that sticker for a coloring book at the end of their visit. 
  • The conservation centers, which hold endangered animals like the Black Footed Ferrets and Mount Graham Red Squirrels, are powered by solar panels.  
  • 88 tons of compost is created each year from the Zoo that is used to fertilize all the plants on the grounds.

The Breadfruit & Rum Bar πŸΉ

Being sustainable at the Breadfruit & Rum Bar is one of their main priorities. It is important to them because it is where everything begins. Good seafood and good produce all begin with relationships with farmers and the community. These relationships bring great food to restaurant goers and the sustainability practices do keep them coming back for more. 

Green Facts About The Breadfruit & Rum Bar

  • Unlike most restaurants that "burn" ice (pouring hot water on it to melt it), the Breadfruit & Rum Bar lets their leftover ice from their wells melt overnight and in the morning, the water is used to water the plants. 
  • Straws are only given to guests if they are requested. And for drinks that require straws, the straws are compostable. 
  • All paper products are made from recycled items.
  • Everything in house is either recycled or composted. And for uncommon items such as broken porcelain plates, alternative ways of recycling are found. 
  • By participating in the James Beard Foundation's Smart Catch Program, this ensures the fish on your plate is not endangered or overfished. All seafood before it's purchased is incredibly vetted. 

Noble Beast πŸΆ

Noble Beast provides superior quality natural pet food, supplements and supplies for the health of our pets and our planet. As people, we are are constantly trying to improve our own lives to be more healthy and sustainable. Help your pets do the same by purchasing organic/natural foods and pet supplies that are eco-friendly. 

  • The Noble Beast recycles all the materials they can and have been recognized as a Green Business Leader from the City of Phoenix.
  • Customers who purchase Open Farm brand pet food can return their empty bags to Noble Beast who ships them to Terracycle for recycling.
  • The products they sell are responsibly sourced and focus on sustainable ingredients, recycled content and locally made items.
  • When purchasing office products, they seek out recycled content paper, cups, plates etc.  They also seek out items they can recycle instead of throwing away.
  • Owners even take care of neighborhood homeless pets, adopting a 20+ year old cat who lives in the shop.

Juice Core πŸ

Juice Core is dedicated to creating 100% organic and raw pressed juice. They specialize in cold press juice, but also offer many other healthy menu items including vegan salads, smoothies, acai bowls, and more. Katie Flanigan, owner of Juice Core,  believes that owning a business is like an extension of ones self and it is important for them to respect their community and  to do everything she can to be the most sustainable and to protect future generations and the planet. 

  • All spoons, forks, knives, straws, paper products, and grab and go containers are all compostable. 
  • All fruit peels and pulp are always composted.
  • Fruit and produce is organic, and local whenever possible.
  • They purchase green cleaning products and buy in bulk whenever possible to reduce packaging waste.
  • You won't find a plastic bag at Juice Core! Instead they give their customers reusable tote bags to haul their juices home in.

Thanks to our partners who made this video possible!