Livier Delgadillo Joins Fuerza Local Team to Build Opportunity in Her Home State

Local First Arizona and Fuerza Local are excited to announce Livier Delgadillo as the newest member of our team. As the Fuerza Local Community Outreach Coordinator, Livier will lead our efforts to expand the reach of our programs and tell the stories of the people we're serving. 

Get to know Livier through our brief introductory questionnaire below. Send Livier a warm welcome or ask any questions by emailing her at [email protected]

Tell us a bit about your background?

 Livier at Notre Dame

Livier at Notre Dame

My interest to help and fight for others is something I developed from an early age from being raised by immigrant parents and living in Nogales, Arizona (a City on the US-Mexican border). When I attended the University of Arizona for my Bachelor’s Degree, I found myself inclined towards helping others and fighting for those who couldn’t. I decided to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish, with a concentration in Translation and Interpretation, to bridge the communication gap amongst those who could not speak English but wanted to learn. 

My parents owned two small businesses, so, I always felt that coming from an entrepreneurial family I would somehow end up in the business sector.
— Livier Delgadillo

As I explored post-secondary education and professional development opportunities I ran across material from the Masters in Nonprofit Administration program at the University of Notre Dame, and particularly the program’s motto: Servant Heart, Business Mind, spoke to me. I identify myself with that description and feel as it defines my passion to do work that helps others while finding ways to sustain those efforts long-term.

Working and helping others has always been a passion of mine. It’s what makes me happy and keeps me motivated.

What drew you to Fuerza Local/Local First Arizona?

Local First Arizona/Fuerza Local had always caught my eye. The fact that this organization puts others’ interest before theirs is what drew me to LFA. I know that local businesses need so much help to strive in communities and the work that Local First Arizona is doing to empower and strengthen local economies is something I truly admire.

When I applied with LFA- it reminded me of a question that a guest lecturer at ND asked us. Sean Callahan, Chief Operating Offer of Catholic Relief Services, said “What can we do better? Think about it. Now think about your community, what would it look like if it weren’t for people like you that were asking yourselves this question daily?” This quote has always resonated with me and now it will continue to do so with my work here at LFA.

What is your favorite local business and why?


It’s so difficult to just pick one! Technically, because I am a native of Arizona and have lived in different cities, I can pick more than one for each city I’ve lived in. Sounds fair to me.

Nogales, AZ

  • Zulas - I would go every Saturday and had their vegetable soup and Tita’s burger. I walk in there and the waiter knows my exact order. It’s amazing!
  • Finitos - Have you ever had a shaved ice that’s so smooth and so flavorful? It’s life changing…. Try the lemon and tamarindo with a saladito in the middle.
  • Nogales Community Development - An amazing nonprofit organization striving to better their community. I volunteered there all the time.
  • Enrique’s Heating and Air Co. - I am biased…but it’s my parents’ business! It’s where I obtained all my business background and learned how to provide the best customer service.
  • Bracker’s - A family owned retail store- They owned this business for close to 100 years, but unfortunately, had to close their doors last year. It was a retail store that connected our entire family. We shopped there, family members worked there—I even used to model for them… back when I was 3 years old that is.

Tucson, AZ

  • El Berraco- Have you tried their Grilled Octopus? It’s sooo good. Honestly, you’ll walk out of there with a food coma and you won’t regret it.
  • Verve/Gadabout Hair Salon- The best customer service and smiling faces all around. They make you feel like home and I have the best hair stylists—Suzette and Arlene!

Phoenix, AZ

  • The Foundry Yoga - I could write an entire blog on them. They are by far one of the most comforting, warm and friendly yoga studios I have ever been to. Saying that they make you feel right at home is an understatement. The teachers, the studio rooms, the classes and the people are the greatest. It’s one of those unique places that embraces you and celebrates you for who you are. It's a home away from home.
  • Poor Little Rich Girl Boutique - Who doesn’t like nice clothes at an affordable price? PLRG does just that while offering exceptional customer service.

Tell us about one of your life's passions?

 Livier with her family

Livier with her family

I know you just asked for one, but I can’t just pick one. Life is a combination of all your passions mixed together.

My Family. Food. Yoga.

My family is the most important thing to me. My parents are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders. They are my heroes. My sisters are my mentors- the ones I look up to.

Food! Come on--everything I do is surrounded by food! I love food, all types of food! I am a Latina and us Latinos gather around the kitchen during any event, holiday, or simply hanging out. So of course, food is one of my passions.

Yoga--Bikram yoga has become one of my biggest passions in the last couple of years. The feeling you get after a 90-minute class is the best feeling you can ever imagine. I promise. Who wants to go with me?

 Livier practicing yoga

Livier practicing yoga

What makes you proud to be an Arizonan?

The diversity of cultures. Coming from Nogales, a small border town, you get to experience not only the Mexican and American cultures but you get to experience an array of cultures. Also, who else has the Sonoran desert in their back door? The beautiful landscapes that Arizona has to offer make me proud to be an Arizonan.

What are you most excited to be working on at Fuerza Local/Local First Arizona?

I’m excited to be working with an organization that truly empowers, embraces and celebrates diverse local businesses. I can’t wait to be part of Fuerza Local and Local First Arizona and see how we can better serve our communities here in Arizona.

Learn more about Fuerza Local and meet Livier at an upcoming event by clicking here.