What it’s like to work with a Local Payroll Service (Hint: It's Awesome)

There’s more to [payroll] than just handing someone a paycheck.
— Journey Employer Solutions
 The team at Journey Employer Solutions

The team at Journey Employer Solutions

Does payroll sound scary to you? If you’re not an expert, it might. With the ever-changing payroll tax laws and employee requirements, it can be a huge burden on a company to process payroll and file payroll taxes accurately and efficiently, let alone keeping compliant with federal and state agencies. There’s more to it than just handing someone a paycheck.

My business partner, Jaime Zuder, and I have set out to serve our local community and give Arizona-based small to mid-sized businesses a better way to payroll. We both have been in the payroll industry for over 10 years and have seen it from all angles. We got our start at a mom and pop shop, where the culture allowed us to feel like a family. We loved going above and beyond for our clients. There was heart and passion behind our work.

A couple years in, we were acquired by a large, national corporate payroll company, and slowly, but surely, we started to become “corporate”. We no longer had the opportunity to care for our clients at the level we were accustomed to, due to the layers upon layers of corporate red tape. We as employees, as well as our clients, could feel the shift in service…or lack thereof. Enough was enough. We wanted to bring service back to the payroll industry. Being Arizona natives, we wanted to offer something that would be wildly impactful and heartfelt within the community.

Fast forward and enters an amazing group of openminded people. They already had a successful payroll business and were doing it right! They had a proven process. They had our same mindset.  They had that family feel, both internally and externally. They cared. We loved what they stood for and they loved our mission to do the same. We decided to team up, so Jaime and I could leverage that strong foundation, and ultimately own/operate a refreshing way to payroll in Arizona.

And just like that, Journey Payroll Arizona was born.

Whether a client is processing owner-only payroll or for a few hundred employees, the Journey team provides the same level of top-notch care. We do not, and will not ever, have a call center. We answer the phone, email, or text message. We give you a direct single point of contact. Being local entrepreneurs ourselves, we appreciate every client and are fascinated by the creative ways they look to grow their business.  

I received my Payroll Certification in 2015. Whew…that was a doozy of an exam, let me tell ya!  It was important for me to earn those CPP credentials and to continue educating myself with the ever-changing payroll/tax laws and employee requirements. I look to pass that education on to other business owners to help protect their business as if it were my own.  

Payroll is one of those (many!) tasks that every business owner must comply with. It’s rarely a business owner’s expertise, let alone something they want to deal with consistently. “With our technology, accessibility, agility, and level of service, we strive to earn clients for life. We want our clients to put all their focus on providing amazing goods and services, while we take the best care of their payroll”, says Jaime Zuder.

My most favorite quote and something I try to live by was said by my son, who was a little over 4 years old at the time. He came running down the stairs one day, very excited, and shouted, “Everyday, let’s do something great!.” He was on spring break and probably talking about going to the zoo or splash pad or something, but that one-liner is the best! There’s so much passion behind it. He won’t know what that meant for me until he’s older, but we should all wake up in the morning striving to do something GREAT for ourselves, our families, our clients, and partners. We should look to build a better community and support each other any way possible!

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This blog post was written by Steven Harris, Co-Owner of Journey Employer Solutions AZ. The Journey AZ office is located at 1270 E. Broadway Rd. #200 in Tempe. Special discounts offered to Local First Arizona members. Check out www.JourneyPayroll.com to learn more. Contact us at (480) 699-2729 and [email protected]. Follow us socially: Instagram: @journeypayrollaz Facebook: @journeypayrollaz LinkedIn: @journeypayroll