5 Instagram Worthy Spots in the Valley for You and Your Pup

 All pups are welcome at the annual Arizona Fall Fest in November. 

All pups are welcome at the annual Arizona Fall Fest in November. 

Do you love when your social feeds are filled with cute dogs? Well, we do! In honor of all of our favorite furry friends, we've created a list of 5 super cool local spots where you can show everyone that your pup is the cutest. Visit these spots and you'll surely find plenty of Instagram worthy photo ops filled with big smiles, wagging tails, and wet puppy kisses! 

Best of all, these Insta-worthy spots are all local Arizona businesses. This means you and your loving pup will be making a difference together. By taking pride in the local business of your hometown you help strengthen the Arizona economy and build a rich and unique culture. 

So what are you waiting for? If you love eating and shopping local, why not have your canine best friend join in on the local fun!

1. For the Sweet Tooth Pup: Happy Tails Barkery

At Happy Tails Barkery, they know that your smiling pup is part of the family! They bake all sorts of yummy goodies to celebrate the good days or to make a ruff one better. The home-based bakery specializes in creating dog treats that are both tasty and healthy. They use local ingredients from farmers markets and make treats that are grain, gluten, and GMO-free. Treats start at around $6! 

Sounds like the sweetest way to celebrate your loving dog right? Head on over to this premium dog treat bakery and don't forget to snap a pic! It'll be a picture perfect moment as your best-friend poses next to their mouth-watering treat. But don't wait too long since your pup will be ready to dig in!  

2. For the Tropical Pup: Hula's Modern Tiki

If your pup loves to chill on the patio and truly lives on "island time" then Hula's Modern Tiki is the place to be. Since you and your furry best friend probably have similar taste, you'll both love the relaxed vibe of this modern take on classic tiki bars from the 50's and 60's. Dress your pup in some tropical or bright colors and enjoy a cocktail while your best friend takes a nap on the cool patio. Signature cocktails cost $8 normally and $6 during Happy Hour. 

Does your pup want to have a drink as well? No problem! The service at Hula's Modern Tiki is awesome so your pup can order a thirst-quenching water bowl on the house!  Who wouldn't snap a photo of their favorite pup enjoying Happy Hour! 

3. For the Pup With the Paw-fect Smile: Flash and Hound Pet Photography

Be it goofy, gentle, serious or playful, the dog-lover husband and wife team at Flash and Hound Pet Photography is ready to capture all the quirks that make your pup so special to you. If your dog is the ultimate model check out the studio packages to really get them in their element. On the other paw, if your pup is an avid hiker or an outdoor-lover, the talented couple can take their photos in the Arizona sunshine as well. 

All the photoshoots from Flash and Hound are super creative and always fun but one of the most unique is their line-art photography. It's an added creative touch that will make you smile even more. Ready to book your photoshoot? A 45-minute session will cost you $189, but the creative photos will be priceless and most definitely IG worthy! 

4. For the Pup with the On Point Hair: Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting

There's two kinds of pups: the pup that has perfect hair no matter how many puddles they jump over and the one who's hair could use a bit of TLC. No matter what kind of pup you have the talented people at Puff and Fluff Groom and Pet Sitting will make your pup look like they belong in an expensive shampoo and conditioner commercial. 

The founder of Pup and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting is a true dog-lover as she not only spends time pampering your best friend, but gives back to local pet rescues by hosting events and raffles. Sounds like the best deal of all since you'll be giving your pup a beautiful makeover and helping other pups in the valley as well. In brief, they've got all sorts of Pawsome specials so they've got you covered whether your pet loves her pink bows or enjoys a simple neat trim instead.  Prices range from $45 for extra small dogs to $100 for the larger pups. It'll obviously be an Instagram worthy moment when you see your pup with their new do! 

5. For the Pup that Loves Making New Friends!: Arizona Humane Society

If your pup loves going to the dog park and meeting new friends then maybe they'd love to have a big brother or sister. Although this is definitely a decision that can seem scary and requires planning, it can be one of the most rewarding. The Arizona Humane Society is leader in ensuring animal welfare and can be the perfect place to adopt a playful puppy or older companion! 

If that seems like a scary plunge, they have plenty of opportunities to foster a pup as well! They believe that every pup deserves a good life and work hard every day to advocate for animals around the valley. The caring shelter takes in more than 17,000 animals a year and sometimes even over 100 animals a day. If you friendly pup would love a partner in crime then make your way to the humane society! Could you resist the chance to take a  photo of your new family member posing next to your wagging pup. We sure couldn't! 

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