Giant Letters, a Happy Toddler, and Great Savings: One Woman's Journey Through Independents Week

I didn't have to go far to participate in Independents Week. Initially, I didn't even leave my chair.

My Independents Week started with a virtual visit to As a graphic designer, I use Techniprint regularly for signage, standups, banners... basically all the big stuff. I had actually never visited their shop in person, and that's despite the fact they're only three blocks from where I work at CopperPoint Insurance. Honestly, I'd never needed to visit because Techniprint's turnaround and delivery are so fast they always beat me to it!

This job was no exception. I was ordering oversized letters for a TED Talk-inspired event (called "TELL" instead of "TED"). I uploaded my files at noon the Friday before the 4th of July weekend and gave Techniprint a due date of July 12. They delivered my letters before noon on July 5 -- a full week early!

The letters turned out perfectly, and in honor of Indie Week I did finally stop by their shop to say "hello" and "thank you." The folks at Techniprint have saved my butt countless times with last minute print jobs that they somehow manage to turn around within hours. I was happy that Independents Week gave me the opportunity to show them some love.

Independents Week also gave me the opportunity to show my daughter some love. The summer heat has been keeping her cooped indoors watching the same old shows and playing with the same old toys. So we headed out for some good old fashioned toy shopping at Kidstop Toys & Books in Scottsdale.

Most of the toys we currently own were purchased at Target and many of them were bribes whose original purpose was keeping my toddler in the cart while I bought toothpaste. It was magical to visit a store where the toys were the main event and where my daughter didn't have to be strapped in a chair or watched like a hawk. 

She immediately took to the kinetic marble maze that's right inside the door and was engrossed enough to allow me time to geek-out over Kidstop's selection of classic toys, which included a Lite Brite and a View Master. 

I had been seeing great reviews online for magnetic building toys, so I asked if Kidstop had any. They didn't have "any," they had them all! Magna-Tiles, Tegu Blocks, and Magformers. Their experts helped me choose the sturdiest brand with the strongest magnets and let my daughter test them out (we could never do that at Target!).

While she and her dad constructed a lunar rover, the staff shared some of their cool new arrivals, including this adorable smartphone-controlled Segway doll.

Predictably, my daughter was devastated when we finally had to hand over our Golden Coupon and leave her new favorite place, but the Kidstop staff helped us crack into our newly-purchased Geosmart set before we even left the store. 

That's right -- these people actively helped me prevent a toddler tantrum, which basically makes them saints and my new best friends. Thank you Kidstop -- we will definitely be back.


This guest post was written by Adrienne Hodges. Adrienne is a graphic designer at CopperPoint Insurance Companies, a proud member of Local First Arizona and presenting partner of Independents Week. 

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