9 New For(u)m Members Building A Better Arizona

A year into its creation LFA For(u)m has established itself as a key midpoint in the building industry, connecting veteran development professionals, aspiring urbanists, and the policymakers who craft the circumstances by which we build a more walkable and sustainable Valley.

In the last few months, the program has added a slew of exciting new members, each filling a unique niche in the local supply chain--from developers to real estate brokers to design-build firms to concrete specialists. Here's a taste of what each brings to the table.

1. 180 degrees design + build

 Image courtesy of 180 degrees design + build

Image courtesy of 180 degrees design + build

An AIA Arizona Contractor of the Year winner, 180 degrees has garnered national media attention for its highly-sustainable and intentional construction services, and architecture design. Keeping diverse services in-house produces iconic projects including the most recent additions to the Desert Botanical Garden. Check out their work here.

2. DOXA Central, LLC


DOXA Central is building an anchor to Midtown Phoenix. Owning a large set of parcels along Central Avenue, DOXA is moving slowly and methodically to connect the Phoenix Art Museum to the Heard Museum through a unique mixed-use development. Learn more here.

3. EQ Properties, LLC


EQ Properties has flown below the radar as developer of some of the most cutting-edge adaptive reuse projects in and around downtown Phoenix, filled entirely with hand-chosen local tenants. Responsible for the buildings that house Palabra hair.art.collective, Antique Sugar, Snoh Ice Shavery, Cobra Arcade Bar, Sutra Downtown, and now the new Gallo Blanco, Pueblo, and Blok Studio, EQ is focused on building community and local identity with every project. Learn more here.

4. SlabHaus

 Image courtesy of SlabHaus

Image courtesy of SlabHaus

SlabHaus creates custom concrete pieces to suit any commercial or residential need. Brandon Boetto's one-of-a-kind constructions move beyond typical concrete designs to work with such local clients as The Ranch Mine architects and Highrise Creative. Check out their work here.

5. The Construction Zone


Incorporated as a residential general contractor in 1992, in the last decade The Construction Zone has expanded to include in-house carpentry, concrete, glazing, and multifamily and commercial construction. This wide array of skills has made it the contractor of choice for such unique projects as Tuck Shop, Earll St Townhomes, and a variety of architecturally significant home remodels and new builds. View their work here.

6. The Ranch Mine

 Image courtesy of Ranch Mine

Image courtesy of Ranch Mine

Though less than a decade old, The Ranch Mine has rapidly risen to being one of the most innovative and sought-after adaptive reuse and infill architects in the Valley. The firm as produced research at ASU on incremental densification via 'granny flats,' a variety of midcentury modern addition-renovations, and infill townhomes with Boxwell Southwest, drawing national media attention with Dwell and HGTV on multiple projects. View their selected portfolio here.

7. Western Retail Advisors

 Image courtesy of Western Retail

Image courtesy of Western Retail

Founded and headquartered in the Valley, Western Retail has built a sterling reputation as a leading retail brokerage, whose astute market analyses allow it to find fits for businesses of all sizes. Recently, it's move into more urban spaces has brought it to represent numerous infill developments in and around Roosevelt Row, including the new Union @ Roosevelt from Metrowest Development. See their current listings and clients here.

8. Rocco Designs

 Image courtesy of Rocco Designs

Image courtesy of Rocco Designs

Merging fine art into interior design and architecture, Rocco Meneguale is a man of many hats. His distinct design style has led him to be the designer of choice for such unique local establishments as Fez, producing lively hospitality spaces in and around central Phoenix. View the breadth of his work here.

9. Design Lab

From the realtors at Orange Sky Boutique Real Estate comes a new venture aimed at historic homeowners looking for a cost-effective one-stop-shop for renovation needs. Design Lab is a cooperative of interior design professionals offering full-service consultation and purchase from the same place you purchased your dream home. Learn more about the company's offerings here.

Learn all about the growing For(u)m program here, and all its members here.

Images by the author unless otherwise noted.