Flip Dunk Sports: Fun for All

This blog post was written by Rafi Turner.

Remember your favorite childhood place? That place where you could let loose and have fun - just be a kid. For me, it’s Flip Dunk Sports. I was there when they first opened way back in 2011, and spent at least one day a week flipping and dunking. I even celebrated my 13th birthday party there! 

The owners of Flip Dunk are, to say the least, fantastic. Bob Woolf, balances the job of being the Phoenix Suns Gorilla as well as a small business owner along with his wife Malarie, and Lori Price.

The main reason that Flip Dunk is around today is because of the Suns’ famous mascot. Mr. Woolf created the center because of two simple reasons:  1. he was an ASU gymnast and 2. he loved trampolines. Lori told me that the thing she likes most about their business is seeing the children grow and develop new skills, and the joy her business brings to both kids and their parents, "It's priceless!" 

Choosing Central Phoenix for their business was essential because they felt connected to the community and families that live here. For a family-friendly business, like Flip Dunk, it was a perfect fit. As for the staff, they are all first aid and CPR certified, which isn’t very common. Additionally, all of their coaches have had years of working with children. Lori also told me that when they look to hire coaches for gymnastics or cheer, they specifically look for coaches who have a love and passion for their program.

Flip Dunk sets itself apart from the competition because of its distinct programs. They offer gymnastics classes from toddlers to teens, dance, acro, ninja, cheer, birthday parties, cheer and gymnastic teams, camps, and of course a trampoline park. Check out Flip Dunk for your next birthday, family outing or regular day of the week!  

Flip Dunk Sports
1515 E. Bethany Home Road #160, Phoenix, AZ 85014