New and Tasty Spots to Try Out in Flagstaff

Have you been out to eat in Flagstaff recently? If not, now is the time to venture out and try some new places. Not only have some great restaurants opened, but local favorites are also sharing their creations at the award-winning Devour Phoenix Culinary Classic event (Sunday portion). Flagstaff's Shift and Sosoba will be showcasing their food and drink while collaborating with some of Arizona's top culinary names Way to go, Flagstaff!

We've put together a guide of some of the new and tasty spots to try out in Flagstaff:

FLG Terroir - The former Wine Loft has retained features that we knew and loved, while upgrading the interior. The lighting is low, the furniture is welcoming, and the food is simple, innovative, and completely delicious. The menu has some consistent favorites like the cheese plate while mixing in a rotating offering of seasonal dishes. Select from a large array of wines by the glass or bottle.

Pizzicletta - This beloved, wood fired pizza house has been going for a few years now but deserves mention on any list of great places to eat in Flagstaff. Caleb and his team have been consistently stepping up the food game in Flagstaff since their inception. House made everything: cheese, bread, pizza, and gelato. A highly curated wine list that you cannot go wrong selecting from.

Root - Who doesn't love a rooftop patio? This one offers some of the best views in downtown Flagstaff with food and drink offerings to match. They use locally sourced ingredients and create tasty creations with a somewhat southern flair. Small plates or larger entrees offer something for every size appetite. House made Bloody Marys. And now serving brunch too.

Shift - When you go into shift, you will see the kitchen staff front and center. It is an open plan, allowing diners to watch and engage with the chef and staff as they prepare their dishes. It is a great way to learn more about how the folks at Shift approach food. There are local ingredients as well as house brined, preserved, and fermented items. This level of attention to detail extends into their drinks and desserts too.

Sosoba - If you have ever wondered what a fried macaroni and cheese ball tastes like, it is time to visit Sosoba. (I am a fan of this deep fried treat.) Also a great place to frequent for udon, ramen, or soba noodles paired with one of a variety of tasty broths with meat or veggies on top. Pro tip - ask for a side of the house made kimchi. You will be glad you did. Try the Mai Tai.

There's more to come! Stay tuned for the opening of these new Flagstaff restaurants - La Veta, Oh Sushi!, Cottage Place re-dux, and the new Grand Canyon Cafe.