Chapman Honda Leads the Nation in Sustainability

This blog article was guest written by our intern Celeste Colmenares.

Chapman Honda

You can find green businesses in the unlikeliest places. You might not guess that one of the most sustainable Honda dealerships in the country is right on 22nd Street. Chapman’s state of the art facility has received a Platinum Level  Honda Environmental Leadership Award for reductions of  50% in energy usage.  Chapman Honda is one of only 14 dealers in the country to be given this award in recognition of their sustainability programs.  Sustainable aspects that make Chapman’s business distinct are energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, and their committed Green Team.


Chapman Honda is LED certified with motion sensing lights and air conditioners within each room that shut off after 15 minutes of no occupancy. Energy-efficient LED light bulbs are used throughout the entire premises of Chapman. Even the outside lot lights dim after closing. Motion sensing doors in the garage enable the area to keep in as much cool air as possible. The garage also stays cool with the help of many large ceiling fans that permit air circulation, which cuts down on air conditioning usage.


Materials used in the garage such as oil, coolant, and scrap metal are all collected to be recycled and reused. All workstations in the garage, employee desks and other locations in the building have recyclable bins next to the trash cans. The Chapman Honda building is also designed with water saving in mind. This facility has a car wash on-site that reuses their water supply. This is possible through a reverse osmosis and filtration system, which saves a significant amount of water. Because people need water too, the building is equipped with water refill stations throughout allowing the company to reduce their disposable water bottle use.


One of the most important sustainable practices that Chapman Honda incorporated is a dedicated “green team” made up of staff members.  The green team works to identify and implement green practices within the company and educate fellow staff on ways to be environmentally friendly. The green team has implemented practices such using email whenever possible in lieu of printing, printing on both sides of paper when printing is necessary, increased computer storage for filing documents electronically and reducing copies of contracts.  Green team staff has even identified ways to redesign and optimize forms so that less paper is required to print them.  The team works hand in hand with consultants from Mrs. Green’s World to stay up to date on the latest sustainability initiatives.  Chapman Honda also partners with Trees for Tucson.  As part of the partnership, the dealer gives their customers the opportunity to plant a tree within their yard, neighborhood or a park with the purchase of every vehicle. The team partners with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, the Community Food Bank and other programs to help the community.   The efforts of Chapman Honda show that every local business can make an effort to be greener. In dozens of ways big and small Chapman Honda is working to reduce their ecological footprint.  How will you reduce yours?