Suzy Q Market Abandons Big Bank for Local Community Bank after Fee Hikes And Reduced Services

Suzy Q Market, a local convenience store and market located in Cottonwood, Arizona, found themselves looking for new banking options when their national bank chain started charging higher fees and reducing their services.

We started looking at options when our big bank started cutting services but still didn’t mind charging outrageous fees. We went from bank to bank asking a lot of questions, and found we could have all the customer service we were accustomed to and save a lot of money also by moving our money to Country Bank.
— Rob Harrison, owner of Suzy Q Market

“Country Bank was excited to have the opportunity to earn the Suzy Q Market relationship,” said Mark Tufte of Country Bank. “Rob and Linda Harrison are active members of the community and have served on the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce board, numerous school committees along with the Verde Valley Fair, just to name a few. Great community leaders with great ambitions and getting great things done within the community. This is a perfect relationship with a community bank like Country Bank. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with this valued local business.”

Harrison is happy with the move, and credits local community banks with understanding the needs of local businesses in their communities. “I think community banks are important to the local communities they serve because they are usually more in tune with local businesses and economic conditions, and with more localized lending decisions being made face to face here at home,” said Harrison.

Learn more about Suzy Q Market and their commitment to sourcing locally!

National Community Banking Month

April is known as Community Banking Month, an annual, month-long celebration of community banks across the nation. Local First Arizona is celebrating by sharing stories like Rob and Linda’s as well as helping Arizonans to move their money to community banks and local credit unions. Arizonans can visit to find local banks and credit unions near them and learn more about the services they offer and their involvement in the local community.

Celebrate with the Community


Verde Valley community members and local business representatives are invited to attend the Cottonwood Community Banking Month event on Wednesday, April 11, from 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the Old Town Square. The event will include networking opportunities with fellow independent businesses, community banks and credit unions, and local leaders. There will also be a screening of the movie The Big Short

Community banks play an important role by helping to ensure that the financial resources of the local community are used to support local businesses. Through our Community Banking Month efforts, we hope to educate Arizonans on all that community banks offer in terms of financial services as well as share their stories of community involvement.
— Ruth Ellen Elinski, Northern Arizona Director of Local First Arizona

Currently, just 7% of all banking assets are held by community banks in Arizona. But in six counties in northeastern Arizona, large non-community banks account for 100% of deposits, and in the remaining counties they account for 75% or more of deposits.

“Our overall goal with Community Banking Month is to inspire Arizonans to move their money and have it work for our communities,” said Elinski. “By moving our investments and savings to local banks or credit unions, we give these institutions more resources to in turn lend to local businesses, helping to realize dreams of business ownership and self-reliance as well as create jobs right here in our communities.”


About Local First Arizona

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