Ballet Theatre of Phoenix, Finding Your Inner Self

Creativity, resilience, motivation, discipline, stamina, and perseverance - dancing requires all of these aspects combined together. There’s some controversy over whether dance is an art or sport. To me, dance is both a sport and an art. Just like any other sport, you must be flexible, strong, and have  endurance to be able to dance. Dance is also an art because you're able to tell a story without words. One is able to express themselves in a unique way. One is able to truly be who they want to be through their choreography and emotions. Most importantly, one must love what they do to achieve satisfaction and happiness. If you really want to pursue a career in dance, joining a dance school can help you find yourself in a way you may have never imagined.

                                        Photo Courtesy of Ballet Theatre of Phoenix's  Facebook

                                      Photo Courtesy of Ballet Theatre of Phoenix's Facebook

While there are many studios and schools around the city, Ballet Theatre of Phoenix (BTP) is a superb choice. Located in the heart of Phoenix, BTP has a gorgeous facility and a wonderful faculty. The school is dedicated to nurturing a future generation of dancers and passing on the rich heritage of ballet to its students. 

Ballet Theatre of Phoenix’s curriculum follows the ABT’s National Training Curriculum. The curriculum is a program helping with the development and training of ballet principals and incorporates elements of French, Italian, and Russian schools of training. Ballet Theatre of Phoenix features experienced dance educators with world-class training with an emphasis in pedagogy. 

At BTP, you can be a dancer at any age! The Children’s Program focuses on developing creativity while conditioning the body to get a strong foundation to grow when they graduate into the Classical Ballet Program, which focuses on training students for a professional career. No matter your experience level, BTP has you covered with Adult Open Ballet Classes as well. To better explain behind the scenes at BTP is Jennifer Cafarella, the Director and Co-Founder of Ballet Theatre of Phoenix

One aspect the school really focuses on is individualism and personalized learning for each student. Each student has different needs and BTP caters through encouragement. Their students not only understand the historical artform, but also to find it within their own body.  Additionally, the school really focuses not only on proficiency and mastery of the dance but also on making sure the students understand why they're doing what they're doing. 

Currently, there are forty students enrolled at BTP, a strong start for Jennifer and her team since they just opened their doors in August 2016. Most are in the 3-10 year old range, and Jennifer is ready to grow her ballet artists. Ms. Cafarella also expresses that she has a high level of care towards her students. Even if students are struggling or having a hard time, ALL students are accommodated and individualized. 

Altogether, Ballet Theatre of Phoenix is a top choice for any member of the family. Between classes for adults or children, you won't be let down. With the expertise and wisdom of the instructors, you’ll be able to grow and really find your true potential as a dancer.  

Ballet Theatre of Phoenix
 2326 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016
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