Seven Ways to Build a More Sustainable Arizona


Arizonans who are looking to preserve and protect Arizona’s amazing natural resources have plenty of opportunity to do so in 2018.  Here are some easy tips for you to help grow the sustainability movement in the Grand Canyon State.

1) Support locally owned businesses doing their part.
We’ve seen plenty of local businesses making an impact in reducing their environmental footprint.  The best way to show these businesses that you value their efforts is to support them with your dollars.  Start with companies that are green certified through the Phoenix Green Business Leader program and those that compost their food waste with Recycled City

2) Sign up for Recyclebank rewards.
If you’ve ever stood over a recycling bin with items you are ready to discard feeling utterly confused, know you are definitely not alone. Get control of where to correctly deposit your waste stream with Recyclebank, an online platform where you’ll earn points for watching videos, reading articles, taking quizzes and for putting your recycling bin out for collection (for Phoenicians).  You’ll learn a ton, help recycling facilities run smoothly and divert much more waste from Arizona’s landfills.  Click here to sign up.

3) Join Local First Arizona's Volunteer Green Team.
Our shiny new volunteer group is focusing on lending a helping hand to businesses that want to go green. As a Green Team volunteer, you’ll be able to help businesses with sustainability focused tasks, assist LFA in diverting waste at events, attend events to educate the community and much more.  You can attend cashmobs supporting businesses that are leading the charge in green behavior and join educational opportunities to learn about things all Arizonans should know, like where our water comes from and what happens to your recycling when it leaves your curbside container.  Click here to sign up.

4) Subscribe to the AZ Green Insider email newsletter. 
This monthly Local First Arizona e-newsletter will fill you in on businesses doing great things, events you can participate in, volunteer opportunities and ways you can live a local green lifestyle. Fill out this form to get this newsletter to arrive in your inbox:


5) Get water wise.
Water is one of the most precious resources we have in our desert state but do you know how best to reduce your use?  Water – Use It Wisely has hundreds of ideas for you to save water in your home, office and outdoors.  Their website also features games and activities for kids to inspire the next generation of water conservationists. 

6) Spend time outside.
We live in the most beautiful and diverse state in the country so opt to explore it.  Start with Arizona State Parks where you’ll find plenty of places to hike, bike, boat, camp and relax in the great outdoors.  A subscription to the iconic Arizona Highways magazine will provide monthly road trip inspiration, as its full of information on the many amazing places, businesses and people that make up the Grand Canyon state.

7) Get to where you are going in a more eco-friendly way.
That brown cloud that hovers over the Phoenix basin isn’t getting any better thanks to our auto-filled freeways.  Metro Phoenix residents can take a less polluting path to work by jumping on the light rail, a bus or ride-sharing with help from Valley Metro.  You can also knock off your “exercise more” resolution by opting to pedal to where you are going with some help from bike share programs like Grid Bikes or a visit to a local bike shop.