5 Quick Tips to Kick-Start Your Spring Cleaning


Nothing leaves you feeling more accomplished than cleaning up your space. Whether it’s your home, office, bedroom or even your car; a quick clean up can change your whole mood and turn your day around. Reassuring Organization Needs, LLC is a proud new Local First Arizona member serving the Copper Corridor and is an expert on all things organization and productivity. They provided these tips on how to kick-start your spring cleaning:

1. Find 15 Minutes

With a busy schedule clutter can seem daunting and organization can seem out of reach, but carving out a small chunk of time can slowly transform your space. Give up scrolling through your social media feed for one night or wake up just a bit earlier; you’ll find yourself with 15 minutes to spare.

That extra 15 minutes everyday will do so much for your space!

2. Multitask

Turn on your favorite podcast, your go to t.v. show to binge, or your personalized playlist and get to cleaning. The positive vibes from your favorite entertainment will make your cleaning and organization feel like a breeze! For an added Localist spin check out these Local First Arizona members providing the perfect content to accompany your cleaning spree.

 Check out this podcast for all things AZ

Check out this podcast for all things AZ

3. Start a Donation Pile

When you come across something you no longer need or use, toss it in a donate pile. After your pile gains some height, take it to a local thrift store. Not only will it free up some space, but donating unused items gives them a new life. Many thrift and consignment stores benefit local non-profits which means your donations could contribute to a worthy cause. Double win!  

4. Do Away with Duplicates

If your family and friends have similar gift-giving tendencies you might be the proud owner of many duplicates. Having multiple bottle openers, duplicate books or half a dozen water bottles might be useful at times, but they ultimately create cutter in your space. Leave duplicates unopened and re-gift them or toss them in your new donate pile!

Re-gifting is so underrated! Many friends will appreciate your thriftiness and your thoughtfulness.

5. Fix it or Re-Purpose it

 Doug Brannan with his "Refried Robots" 

Doug Brannan with his "Refried Robots" 

Life can get hectic but sticking to the rule, “fix it or re-purpose it”, will keep your space free from unusable or worn out items.  Learning to sew can be a breeze. You might even check out some hacks like how to transform old t-shirts into a rug! But, if you don’t possess that creative spirit, have no fear! Many artists thrive around bringing new life to your old, broken or out of commission items. Explore Doug’s Refried Robots to see what one Arizonan is creating with old parts!

 Cathy Lamont Founder of Reassuring Organizational Needs, LLC

Cathy Lamont Founder of Reassuring Organizational Needs, LLC

Go from kick-starting your spring cleaning to tackling it with services from Reassuring Organizational Needs, LLC. Whether your mess is out of control or you need just a bit of guidance from someone who knows a whole lot, Reassuring Organizational Needs, LLC could be your new favorite Arizona business!