3 Easy Ways to Celebrate World Oceans Day ๐ŸŒŠ


Do you remember the first time you took a trip to the beach? The sandy beach between your toes and the beautiful ocean in the background. The delicious fresh seafood?

We sure do! Our oceans not only provide us with a healthy planet, 72% of the world's oxygen, and a beautiful backdrop for photos but they provide us with a source for delicious seafood too. But preserving our oceans is going to take some work. How can you help? Join us in celebrating World Oceans Day, a global celebration that is all about honoring the beauty and gifts of our oceans.

Check out our 3 easy ways to celebrate World Oceans Day and commit to being a leader in preserving their beauty and wildlife. 

1) Reduce your carbon footprint! 

What does this mean? Reducing your carbon footprint consists of lowering the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted from your daily activities such as driving a car or leaving your lights on. It's important to be aware of your carbon footprint because our country is among the top polluters. 

Here are some quick tips to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Use Efficient Lighting - turn off all lights when leaving a room and consider switching to energy-efficient bulbs. 
  • Eat Local - Transporting food from out of state requires large trucks and petroleum-based fuels which quickly add to your carbon footprint. By shopping local you'll be able to skip all those steps and in return get delicious and fresh food while meeting your neighbors and supporting the Arizona economy. Check out our Good Food Finder directory to find all kinds of yummy local foods! 
  • Carpool or Use Alternative Transportation - Instead of driving to work alone, figure out if you can carpool with a coworker or a friend. If you live within a reasonable distance, consider buying a bike! By carpooling you'll always have someone to jam to your favorite songs with, and biking to work can be your daily workout. 

1) Enjoy sustainably sourced seafood!


Have you ever wondered where the seafood on your plate comes from? World Oceans Day is the perfect day to do some research and find places that are leading the way in responsible seafood sourcing. Lucky for you, we've already done that!

The following local restaurants will be serving delicious seafood meals from fish that are considered "green listed" on the Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch program. What does this mean? Green listed fish are species that are responsible managed and caught in ways that cause little harm to habitats or other wildlife! 

Check out our awesome World Oceans Day events and celebrate our oceans by visiting one of the restaurants below: 

  • The Breadfruit, Phoenix. Serving Brown Stew Fish with Blue catfish from Maryland / Chesapeake caught via gillnet; Curried White Fish (Sable fish) from Oregon caught in pots; Pan Fried Lionfish from Gulf of Mexico caught via spear; Red Stripe Curried Shrimp with Arizona Sweet Shrimp; Jerk Shrimp & Johnny Cakes with Arizona Sweet Shrimp.
  • Phoenix City Grille, Phoenix. Serving Grilled Yellowtail with celery root puree, grilled pickled beets, preserved lemon vinaigrette and a strawberry โ€“ fennel relish.
  • Sel Restaurant, Scottsdale. Serving Cold Smoked Hamachi (Yellowtail Jack) crudo, Sea Lettuce-Couscous-Quinoa Salad, Piment D' Espelette Citrus Emulsion, Crispy Spring Onion.
  • House of Tricks, Tempe. Serving Serving for lunch: Shitake Encrusted Southern California Black Cod with Rice Noodles, Pickled Bok Choy and Dashi Consume. Serving for dinner: Korean Miso-Honey Glazed California Flounder with Lime, Ginger, Daikon Radish, Kale and Basmati Rice en Papillote
  • Switch, Phoenix. Serving Clams Casino featuring East Coast top neck clams
  • Karma Sushi Bar Grill, Flagstaff. Serving Blue Hill Bay Mussels

These sound delicious right? Make sure to let us know you're going on Facebook and show your support! 

3). Cut out plastics!


The ocean is home to lots of unique wildlife, but the ocean is sadly home to lots of plastic too!

There is approximately 33 million tons of plastic waste generated in the U.S. each year, and only 7 percent is recycled.  Where does it all end up? A good amount will end up in landfills, but many of those plastics will end up in our beaches, rivers and oceans.

This is exactly why not properly disposing of waste during your weekend beach trip can cause serious harm. It's awesome if you always pick up after yourself when you're sitting on a beach, but reducing single-use plastic at home can make you a steward in protecting our oceans. 

Here are some quick tips to reduce your plastic use:

  • Use a refillable water bottle! 
  • Skip the straw! Or you can buy a metal or compostable straw 
  • Use reusable produce bags 
  • Skip the paper bag at lunch! 

Thank you for celebrating our oceans and committing to preserve them so we can continue to enjoy them!