Local Banking Testimonials

We asked people in Tucson what they love about their Arizona banks and community credit unions.  From individuals to business owners to institutions, we found many folks who were happy to make the switch to local! Through the Comalliancecitymunity Banking Program,  established to increase access to capital for local businesses, City of Tucson deposited $5 million into Alliance Bank. "I am proud that the City of Tucson has deposited substantial funds into a locally owned Alliance Bank, requiring those funds be lent to local business. We grow our economy by investing and shopping local, supporting our friends, neighbors, and all the residents of Tucson." - Jonathan Rothschild,  Mayor of Tucson.

birdsnestvant"With my granola business I source ingredients as locally and organically as possible.  I made the switch to a local credit union, Vantage West, to align my banking choices with my company mission. Doing so has provided one more way to connect my business to the Tucson community by keeping more dollars here in our local economy" - Linda Friedman. Owner and Founder of Bird's Nest Baking Company


"Meeting withtfcuhabitation a representative of Tucson Federal Credit Union at a Local First AZ event really drove home the importance for me of choosing a local credit union. As a residential real estate agent and a small business owner, it is critical for my business to have people in the community that I can count on. Locally owned banks and community credit unions are a great choice for me and my business" - Mik White, Managing Partner Habitation Realty

hugheslogoIndividuals love their local banks and credit unions too!  "I have been a Hughes Federal Credit Union member since 1986 when my parents opened up my first savings account.  Throughout the years they have helped me in all stages of my life, car loans, credit cards, checking, and now my 2 kids have savings accounts! They have always helped with a smile and were always knowledgeable and courteous.  I have had accounts with big banks but never have had the same dedication to the customer, and had issues that have ultimately come to me closing those accounts.  I see myself and my family being life long Hughes Federal Credit Union Members" - Allen George

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cbmbigshortwithlinkReady to make the switch?  Take our pledge here for Community Banking Month. To learn more, come meet with representatives from Alliance, Vantage West and more on Thursday April 21st at our Community Banking Fair from 6-7pm at The Loft Cinema. Representatives will be on hand to answer questions you may have about how a local bank or community credit union can help you. The Community Banking Fair is free to attend.  Afterwards, Local First Arizona founder Kimber Lanning will be introducing a special screening of The Big Short.  Regular admission prices for the film apply and tickets can be purchased in advance here.