Desert Banking at its Finest

Desert Schools Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives. Unlike other financial institutions that focus on profit and stakeholders, credit unions are comprised of members who share their resources, including profits, to help each other. Because they have ownership rights, members also get to vote on the credit union’s Board of Directors – ensuring member needs are always put first.

By banking at Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, members achieve their financial goals through innovative tools, resources, products, and services that uniquely address your needs and the needs of the community. With over 75 years of community support, Desert Schools has generously helped in strengthening local communities. As members turn to the Desert Schools to manage their financial needs, the credit union is able to offer attractive rates, higher dividends, cash back rewards, free services and membership perks. To view all their services and how they are able to give back to their community and their members, as well as their commitment to helping meet your goals a little faster and a little easier, visit their website at

April is Community Banking Month! Take the pledge to move your money to a local bank or credit union.