Life Changes Happen, But Your Credit Union Remains Constant

AZ Central Credit UnionThis testimonial was written by Cara Corbin for Community Banking Month. When I moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2010 to pursue my master’s degree at NAU, my husband and I opened a checking account at the credit union down the street from our house. Since then I have had my second child, graduated from school, found a job, and am no longer with my husband. I have experienced a lot of life changes typical for a person of my age. What has remained constant is my account with Arizona Central Credit Union. They worked with me to figure things out when I was striking out on my own and was daunted by all of the decisions I needed to make. They were professional and responsible in helping my navigate the choices, while also maintaining the personal touch in understanding the things I was going through.

Credit unions’ loan programs and all of the information they have to share on topics such as saving for college or retirement are very connected to the community. Many people do not realize that Arizonans have 96% of their wealth housed in out of state banks. Many may also not realize that there are many local banking options in Flagstaff and throughout northern Arizona. Shifting your money to a local bank or credit union, like shifting some of your spending to locally owned business, is a great way to positively impact your local economy. Keeping money in our community means more jobs for residents and more wealth that gets circulated.

cara-corbinmeyerCara Corbin, Local First Arizona's Northern Arizona Director, shared her banking experience to highlight how important it can be to have a bank based in your community through life's experiences. Community Banking Month is a national celebration of Local Banks and Credit Unions that aims to motivate more people to keep their money in their state. Learn about Community Banking Month and how to make the switch at