Community Banking Month: Alliance Bank

For the month of April, Local First Arizona is celebrating Community Banking MonthWhen your money is deposited in locally owned and operated community banks and credit unions, it's quickly recycled back into our local economy. Currently only 4% of Arizona's total deposits are in Arizona-owned banks and credit unions. Local banks and credit unions stand with us through ups and downs, so let's get that number to 10% right away. Image via Alliance Bank

Choosing a community bank allows your financial decisions to be kept locally. Things such as loan approvals and other key decisions can be made locally by people who live in the community, who have face-to-face relationships with their customers, and understand local needs. Because of this personal knowledge, local financial institutions are often more apt to approve small business and other loans that big banks would reject. Alliance Bank of Arizona is a viable and strong contender when considering where to bank. Alliance Bank of Arizona is the largest locally-owned and headquartered bank in Arizona. Founded in 2003, Alliance Bank of Arizona has quickly become one of the fastest-growing new banks in the country and is a division of Phoenix-based Western Alliance Bank with assets of over $3 billion. Alliance Bank of Arizona serves businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, nonprofit organizations, and consumers seeking the robust product array of a national bank with the individual, personal attention of a community bank, delivered through experienced, local relationship managers. To learn more about Alliance Bank of Arizona, visit their website.