Meet one of the runners training for the Bisbee 1000

JCoxJacob Cox agreed to meet at a Chinese teahouse in Tucson to talk about his training regiment and motivation for participating in the Bisbee 1000 for the third time. Cox, age 30-something, is Craft Beer Specialist for Hensley Distributing and serves on the Tucson Steering Committee for Local First Arizona. He knows a lot about craft beer and many other beverages but had no experience with tea. He seemed to like the adventure of trying something new and went for a tasty puer. Cox ran the Bisbee 1000 for the first time in 2010. He was living in Phoenix and was intrigued by a race that includes stairs, something unique in the United States. He trained by running the bleachers at the high school he graduated from. That year there were 1,800 runners, he recalls. He placed 22nd. Although he really enjoyed the event he did skip it in 2011.

Last year he and his girlfriend, Marge Zylla, ran the race with Scott and Rebecca Safford, owners of the new Tap and Bottle. He placed 89th out of 2,200. But, wasn't terribly disappointed since he ran with injuries he got prior to the race. His right foot had two broken toes and his left ankle was nearly healed from a sprang.

Not being a runner myself, I was interested to hear what music he listens to while training and was surprised at his response. He said he doesn't like to have a device on or cords bouncing. And, he prefers to 'zone out' or go over his burlesque routine. Yes, he performs burlesque at Surly Wench Pub in Tucson. Thinking about his show routine motivates him to keep running and stay in shape.

He typically runs a 7.5 minute mile. For this year's race he just started training a couple of weeks ago. That's because last month he and some friends took a bike ride to Tombstone and he strained a quadricep. He started out running 3 or 4 times a week and will increase the frequency. Living in Tucson now, he runs up Finger Rock Trail in the Catalina Mountains to train for the stair climb. Initially he was aiming for placing in the top twenty but in light of the injuries he's had in the past month he's going easier on himself and now hopes to place in the top 50. The tradition for Cox and his friends is to enjoy the local beers the night before and then have one in the morning before racing. So, clearly it's the fun of the event and not winning that drives him.

If you plan on participating in the race here's some pro tips: get out ahead of the crowd early because the stairways are very narrow and they get clogged up with runners and walkers. Book your accommodations for the 2014 event now and register for the race as soon as registration opens. Bisbee has a population of only 5,600 people and the room capacity in town is not high. The largest hotel is the infamous Copper Queen Hotel with 52 rooms.Bisbee 1000 2010

23rd Annual Great Bisbee Stair Climb AKA Bisbee 1000 Saturday, October 19, 2013 Race starts at 8:50 a.m. Many other activities throughout the weekend

Stick around or come into Bisbee for the Bisbee 1000 Craft Beer Festival after the race on Saturday, October 19. Meet local brewers from around Arizona including Tucson's Dragoon Brewing Co. and Borderlands Brewing Co., sample their creations and enjoy live music. Learn more here.

Post a comment if you are heading to Bisbee for this unique run. Let us know you how your training is coming along.