Water Heroes

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Water conservation buzz is everywhere these days. With attention drawn to our state’s continuing drought , a newly inked Drought Contingency plan and climate forecasts showing a more arid future for the desert Southwest, there has never been a more critical time to understand that every drop counts.

There is no shortage of ways that business owners can conserve water. Monitoring bills to recognize spikes, removing thirsty landscape components and switching to high efficiency appliances all can make positive impact.  A common challenge however, is knowing where to start. How do you find out what your water footprint is? Which appliances are using the most and least water?  What are the costs and savings when fixtures are upgraded? These are questions that the Ecoblue team can provide answers for.

Ecoblue is a Tucson based company that operates statewide, providing insight on how your company can best use water.  Owners Damian Cox and Carly Langman help businesses to better understand their water use and implement solutions that can conserve while saving money, from large companies like American Express to college campuses and small and medium enterprises. Their ARID program breaks the process down into four steps:

1.       Assess: Ecoblue team members perform an indoor water audit throughout the building on all equipment that uses water. An in-depth analysis of the current water use is created during the site visit.

2.       Recommend: With the business owner’s input, Ecoblue offers ideas on where to improve water efficiency and help achieve water saving goals. Recommended products are based on what the business needs to replace and includes probable cost, savings, and available rebates that a business can take advantage of.

3.       Implement:  A business can install a product themselves or allow Ecoblue to help. Ecoblue can take care of product ordering as well as partnering with plumber, technicians, and contractors to complete installation.

4.       Donate Giving back is a cornerstone of Ecoblue with donations being made to local and global programs addressing critical needs such as appropriate watershed management, water access, sanitation and hygiene.

We’ve seen firsthand the value that Ecoblue brings to local businesses. Water audits done through a partnership with Water – Use it Wisely showed plenty of areas where local businesses can reduce their water use, with one small business saving $400 per month after making recommended upgrades.  Ecoblue has helped the historic Hotel Congress reduce their water use by 57% and the University of Arizona campus to reduce 34 million gallons per year.  The Ecoblue team has also leant their water expertise to participants of the SCALE Up program, teaching a class on water conservation and leading audits of businesses to benchmark water use.

Creating positive environmental impact with your business is made easier with partners like Ecoblue.  Whether you are trying to gain LEED certification or simply just better understanding your water use, the devoted team at Ecoblue can provide a plan to help you prioritize your water projects, and can make changes without hassle.  For more information call 855-ECO-BLUE or email [email protected].

Want to begin, improve or get recognized for your business’s sustainability efforts? Check out the LFA Green Business Program or email [email protected].