Celebrating 15 Years of Buying Local & Eating Fresh

This is a guest post provided by the Verde Valley Farmer's Market.


Verde Valley Farmer’s Market's 15th Anniversary
Celebrating the important work of the women who started, and continue to run, the wonderful Verde Valley Farmer’s Market.

The hard work, passion, and tenacity of two Verde Valley women who pioneered the Verde Valley Farmer's Market, Denise Gould and Diane Scantlebury, will be celebrated during the 15th Summer Market Season Anniversary on Saturday, September 29, 2018.


Denise and Diane’s mission was simple: bring local farmers and gardeners together with Verde Valley consumers to exchange healthy, locally grown food to both support the local economy and help encourage better health through fresh vegetables and fruits.


But it didn’t stop there. In addition to providing some of the freshest produce available, complimented by locally made natural products, the market is also committed to creating a healthier planet earth. This summer, over 500 reusable grocery totes have been distributed, free of charge, and 200 more bags have been ordered and are targeted to be distributed by the time that the summer season ends on October 6, 2018. Why is this important? Every year 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. Eight-million metric tons of plastic end up in our ocean every year. And it takes 300 years for a plastic bag to photodegrade.


Both Denise and Diane are humble about their sustaining work and are quick to say that it’s not just about them. It’s also about people like Jane Davie, long time grower, vendor and market manager, who make it happen. Jane does everything from arranging for local talented musicians to give the market a wonderful ambiance and making sure that vendors are, in fact, selling locally grown and produced products to organizing the vendors and ringing the 8 a.m. Opening Bell each week.


The Market vendors invite the public to join them to recognize Denise, Diane and Jane at 9am on Saturday, September 29 at 9am for a short award ceremony. Cake will be served and logo’d free totes will be available while supplies lasts.

Shoppers also will find their “regular favorite” farmers and vendors on site. The 2018 summer market season ends the following Saturday, October 6, but will be followed by a short fall market that will run Saturday, October 20 through November 17, 2018, 9am-Noon.

Connect with the Market:

The Verde Valley Farmer’s Market is located in downtown Camp Verde, AZ on Hollaman Street in the Ramada across the street from Historic Fort Verde. Connect with them on Facebook!