Three Reasons to #MoveYourMoney this Switch Day

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By now you probably know that April is Community Banking Month––an entire 30 days dedicated to making the switch from corporate national banks to the local credit unions and banks based in the heart of your community. If you haven’t moved your money yet, don’t worry––Switch Day (April 30th) is the perfect opportunity to find the locally owned and operated bank or credit union that’s right for you. Before you start frantically researching all of the wonderful credit unions in your city, here are three reasons you should #MoveYourMoney this Switch Day.

1. Your money stays in the community

Unlike large national banks, local credit unions are based right where you are. That means they’re more in tune with your life, your needs, and your values. It also means that they invest in the very community where you live and work. For example, Vantage West Credit Union provides loans to small local businesses to set them up for long-term success. They also give back to the Tucson community by donating to a different designated charity each month; holding quarterly supply drives to help animals and people in need; and awarding more than $10,000 in scholarship money to Tucson students every year. By banking with a local credit union like Vantage West, you can make a difference in the community that you care about the most. 

2) You have a better chance of getting a loan

Local credit unions are designed to see their members for what they really are––home owners, students, and small business owners––instead of just another number. In fact, despite the fact that they control just 22 percent of all bank assets in the U.S., small and mid-sized banks account for 54 percent of small business lending. Vantage West Credit Union's business lending program allows bankers to assess each individual’s specific needs and work smarter to get them the capital they need to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. 

3) The reward programs hit close to home

Just like large national banks, local credit unions offer a variety of rewards and incentives to their members. Unlike large national banks, local credit unions offer discounts to attractions, stores, and services located in your very own city. Sign up for Vantage West Credit Union’s Rewards Checking or Rewards Checking Plus accounts to earn points on your purchases, then use them to get cash back for that Colorado River trip you’ve been dreaming about. With cash back rewards and local discounts, like 20% off of your Reid Park Zoo membership, Vantage West Credit Union will help you keep your money local.

The best way to celebrate Switch Day is to #MoveYourMoney to a locally owned and operated credit union or bank. To learn how easy it is to make the switch to Vantage West Credit Union, check out their accessible switch kit