Ten Ways to Beat the Heat in Tucson this Summer


The swamp cooler is fixed, the freezer is stocked with popsicles, and you’re committed to spending the summer in Tucson––congratulations! You’ll be rewarded with less traffic, peace and quiet where that house of rowdy students used to live, and an unparalleled sense of pride for your ability to survive months of extreme heat. But, just because you’ve tied yourself to Tucson this summer doesn’t mean you have to spend the next four months inside. Instead, look to local businesses for classes, clubs, and cans (of beer, that is) that might make you forget about the weather altogether. 

1. Refine your jewelry-making skills at Beadholiday

At this local bead shop, which has been around for over 20 years, you can pick out beads of every size, shape, and color to make jewelry that you actually want to wear. If you’re new to making jewelry, sign up for one of Beadholiday’s classes to learn how to make everything from a basic beaded string to a multiple strand necklace. 

2. Take a pottery class at Tucson Clay Co-op

Tucson Clay Co-op provides a professional community space where artists can affordably and comfortably create pottery. Whether you’re an adult or a child, a seasoned potter or a newbie, Tucson Clay Co-op offers 8-week workshops that will teach you how to take your pottery-making skills to the next level.

3. Get into local music at Wooden Tooth Records

Wooden Tooth Records is that record store you’ve always dreamed of: small, intimate, and full of musical treasures. Check out their wonderfully curated selection of local music––then, go see those local musicians live at a venue like EXO Bar, Hotel Congress, or the Rialto Theater

4. Join a book group at Antigone Books

Do you love reading books, but hate not having anyone to talk about them with? Join a book group! Antigone Books currently hosts six different free book groups, for mystery lovers and feminists alike. Put on your reading glasses and dive in to the deep end. 

5. Show off your trivia skills at Casa Film Bar

What else are you going to do with all of those random “Stranger Things” facts you spent way too much time looking up on the Internet? Put your binge-watching to work and enjoy some local beer at one of Casa Film Bar’s trivia nights

6. Take a trip to the past at Tucson Thrift Shop

If you want to kick up your wardrobe, Tucson Thrift Shop is the place to do it. The colorful building on Fourth Avenue is filled with funky and fun clothing from decades past. Plus, it’s never too early to start working on your Halloween costume!

7. Laugh until you cry at Unscrewed Theater

Laughing is good for you. Enjoy hilarious improv all summer long at Unscrewed Theater. They’re currently renovating a new space and offering free improv shows every Friday night at Dedicated until it’s open––it’s the perfect opportunity to see what they’re all about. 

8. Catch a flick at The Loft Cinema

You’d be smart to spend the entire summer at The Loft Cinema. With cold local snacks (Isabella’s Ice Cream, anyone?), local beer and wine, and a killer selection of independent films, you’ll never want to leave. Check out their calendar to see a list of both free and paid screenings before you add them all to your calendar.

9. Finish that DIY project at Xerocraft Hackerspace

Want to build a coffee table but don’t have the tools? Spend your summer at Xerocraft, a dream workshop with every tool, machine, and resource imaginable. You’ll learn from others, have fun, and walk away from summer feeling mighty productive. 

10. Launch your local business at Idea + Space

If a lack of resources is holding you back from starting your dream business, the Pima County Public Library system has you covered. Idea + Space offers free workshops, tools, and resources for small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and career seekers. Make this summer the summer you realize your dreams!