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Visual Thinking and Communicating - Translating Ideas into Action

Did you know that people are 80% more likely to remember an idea if they see it than if they hear it?

Entrepreneurs, teachers, students, community leaders, professors and professionals are all invited to attend these FREE public workshops on how to think and communicate visually. Participants will learn how to organize their thinking, illustrate their ideas using doodles and icons, and become better communicators.

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Dollars for Dreams - Small Business Loans

The American dream has long been an integral part of our national character; building yourself up from the dirt, pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and making something out of nothing. However, in recent times, it isn’t so grand – or as easy as it used to be. The thought of climbing the socioeconomic ladder is daunting to many. Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI) is leading a charge to change this with a number of its programs, but specifically through Dollars for Dreams. This program allows for small businesses to get the loans they need to succeed, as 45% of small businesses fail because they don’t receive the financing necessary to their business. 

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The FerretPewPew Foundation brings Local First memberships to small business owners

Local First Arizona is proud to announce The FerretPewPew Foundation Small Business Scholarship.  The mission of the FerretPewPew Foundation is to provide Local First Arizona memberships for small, locally-owned businesses. Memberships are awarded to businesses whose applications exemplify creativity, originality, and thoroughness. Deadline for applications is the last day of the month and Scholarships are awarded within the first week of every month. Funding provided by the local-loving economic gardeners club. Want to be a gardener too? More gardeners = More Small Business Scholarships. Pew Pew.

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